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Historical Ada

70 football season past

The Icon's most recent historic Ada photo showed the Ada High School football team from 1940.

Here's a leap forward 10 season to the 1950 Bulldogs. This team, playing as an independent, finished the season 6-3. The names of the players are under the photo and the season summary is below - taken from the high school yearbook.

Meet the Bulldogs of 80 seasons past

Here is the Ada High School Bulldog football team of 1940. Unfortunately, the yearbook did not provide names of players.

The yearbook did provide a summary of the season, which is attached below. Phil Shipe was the coach. The team compiled a 6-3 overall record, playing as an independent.

Once upon a time at ONU

Here's a view of Ohio Northern University that may not look very familiar. It's from the Ada Public Library historic photo collection. The year is not certain, but it is near the turn of an earlier century. Viewer comments are welcome.

Can you see your house from here?

This undated photograph shows Ada looking north from the Ohio Northern University administration building. 

The Disciples of Christ Church steeple is visible on the right. What other structures present or no long standing do you see?

This photo is from the Ada Public Library's collection. Click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view.

It's a new school year - perhaps 110 schools ago

Today starts classes for the 2020-21 academic year at Ohio Northern University. Here's a colorized post card photo showing a much earlier student body. We're not certain of the year, but based on student dress, it feels like circa 1910.

And, it appears that bow ties are never really out of fashion.

The wording at the bottom of the photo reads: "An acre of students on Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio."

This photo is from the collection of the Ada Public Library.



An Ada scene familiar to your great-grandparents

If you look closely you might be able to idenfiy the exact location of this photo. It's looking south on Ada's Main Street in a colorized post card from the beginning of an earlier century.

A couple thing to consider:
• Look at all those trees – they are somewhat mature, meaning that there was probably a planned planting 25 years earlier.

• We aren't able to determine if the street is paved or dirt. If paved, it is red bricks and would help identify a year.