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Historical Ada

Take a tour of Ada in person or online

For Ada hosts and guests who need to stretch their legs this Thanksgiving weekend: check out the Walking Tour of Ada, Ohio on A Google map provides a route; the entries provide history, photographs and source material. So if you’re not in Ada or anywhere nearby, the tour can be enjoyed online.

The thirteen entries were compiled by students of David Strittmatter, Ph.D., ONU Assistant Professor of History. If you were asked to put together a baker’s dozen of key locations in the village, what would they be?

Take a closer look at this 1905 view of ONU

Take a close look a this 1905 view of ONU's campus from Main St. A curious element is at the lower left: Pharmacy students hold a sign with a skull and crossbones. Pirates? No. Poisons? Yes. The Icon assumes it's a reminder that "The dose makes the poison."

1971 Ada High School Drama Club

Here's the Ada High School drama club during the 19780-71 school year. Names of members are under the photo.

50 planting seasons ago

Here’s members of the Ada High School Future Farmers of American in 1971.

Back row from left, Mike Newland, Don Klingler, Randy Neu, Jim Blevins, Tom Wyss and Kevin Hull.

Middle row from left, Paul Nichols, Bob Baughman, Ron Cheney, Susan Snyder, Steve Brace, Herb Searson and Eric Archer.

Front from left, Dennis Klingler, Mike Mankey and Warren Fisher.

40 track seasons ago in Ada

This photo concludes our cycle of spring 1981 Ada High School sports team photos.

It's the boys' track team. Names of members are under the photo.

40 baseball seasons ago

Here's the Ada High School baseball team from the 1981 school year. Names of the players are listed under the photo.