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Historical Ada

Ada HS French Club officers

Officers of the Ada High School French Club during the 1972-73 school year.

Front from left, Louis Vottero, Clinton Judy, Kris Decker and Allen Clum.

Standing from left, Doug Van Atta, Cheri Hepner, Bill Bischoff and Cheryl Hopson

1972 Bulldog cross country team

Here's the 1972 Ada High School boys' cross country team - before girls' cross country and soccer became fall sports.

Coach Fries stands on the left. Names of the team members are under the photo


Oh, to be a 7th grader

Here's some - but not all Ada seventh graders in the 1972-73 school year. If you watch carefully you'll eventually see more members of this class, graduating in 1978.

Are you in this photo?

Our best guess is that this is a class photo of the 1973 Ada High School seniors. It's in the '73 yearbook inside 2-page spread. But, there's no label that goes with the photo.

Music contest entries

Ada High School vocal and piano contestants in music contests during the 1975-76 school year.

From left, Rachel Hall, Julie Lawrence, Joyce Hall, Brenda Naylor, Jeannie Wiley, Sylvia Rex, Joyce Deringer, Paul Weimer, Paul Sharritts and Dough Cotsamire.

Is one of your bus drivers here?

Did you ride an Ada school bus in 1966-67? Here are the bus drivers for that school year.

Names and photo from Ada HS yearbook. Bus drivers not in order: Bernard Epley, Dean Moore, Bob LaRue, Norman Reese, Cloyce Hauenstein and Nolan Burman.