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It's October - time to tell us your all-time favorite horror flicks

By Torie Wright, Icon intern
My favorite time of year is now. Fall’s weather is perfect and we also celebrate my favorite holiday: Halloween. We’re about a month away from seeing costumed kiddos roaming the streets, but it’s just the right time for getting into spooky movies.

I challenge you this: starting now, watch one horror movie per week. On Oct. 31, report back to us at the Icon with your list of movies watched and tell us which one was your absolute favorite!

Send your list to: [email protected].

15 Minutes with Dave Lusk: “I can’t imagine doing anything else”

By Torie Wright

How long have you been teaching at Ada High School?
I began my 35th year on Aug. 18.

What do you do at ONU? 
I instruct labs for first year chemistry students.  My normal assignments are Engineering Chemistry in the fall and Introductory Chemistry (mainly pharmacy/biology majors) in the spring. 

Iconoclast View: Knowing I can always come home to Ada

By Torie Wright - Icon fall intern

I’d like to start my internship at the Ada Icon with an introduction: "Hi."

In more seriousness, my name is Torie and I’ve lived in Ada nearly my entire life. I was born on the west coast, in Washington State, but my parents and I moved to Ada (where my dad was born and raised) before I was a year old. My 22nd birthday is quickly approaching, and Ada is still my home. No matter where I end up, Ada will always be my home.

A lot has happened to me in this place: I became a big sister, I made lifelong friends, I had a baby. Those things, among the uncountable others, make it hard to leave.

Iconoclast View: Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

At times like this, I chuckle. And no one hears me. That’s okay.

Standing in my back yard Saturday afternoon, minding my own business, the strains of “25 or 6 to 4,” wafted my way, played by the university pep band at a football game.

I bet myself not a player in that band could name the group who originally performed it, the musician who composed it, or, its meaning.

Hearing the tune, certainly made me pause. And chuckle. What is this world coming to?

Stop in the Icon Grill

Icon reader Todd Gratz spotted the Icon Grill (GR LL sic) while in Seattle, Wash., recently. Always seeking new income streams, The Icon has considered opening Icon Grills nationwide. The Seattle site is an test kitchen. We will continue to keep viewers updated on our extensive ventures.

Liberty Township's July rainfall 4.66 inches

In the month of July, Extension rainfall reporters recorded an average of 2.85 inches of rain in Hardin County. Last year, the average rainfall for July was 7.4 inches. With the exception of three townships, this past month was a dry month as rainfall was 1.31 inches below the 10-year average rainfall for the month of July.

July rainfall by township is in attachment.