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Did you ever have a fountain drink at Ada Dairy?

What's your Ada Dairy story? Recent The Icon posted a photo of an Ada Dairy glass milk container on display in the Bluffton Public Library showcase.

Jon Umpress responded by sending two dairy advertisements from Ada High School yearbooks. One is from 1962 and the other from 1966.

Both are posted below.

Ada Dairy was located at 309 S. Main St., and it had fountain service!

The Icon welcomes other comments.

Free candles: Get 'em while they're not hot

Gus Guthrie says he has some candles that he'd like to give away.

All you need to do to have one is to stop in to Ada Flea Market, make a purchase and walk out with a free candle.

The flea market at 111 N. Main St., is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday.

You can check out the candles at the front counter - and by all means, tell Gus you saw this offer on the Ada Icon.


Here's a thought for 2015: Make commitments, not resolutions

By Laura Finley

It’s 2015. People everywhere are making resolutions…lose weight, read more, quit smoking, etc. To resolve is the act of finding an answer or solution to a problem.

Yet most of our resolutions are never achieved. According to Marti Hope Gonzales, Associate professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, just six weeks after making a resolution, 80 percent of people either have broken them or cannot even recall what they resolved. And of course, we feel like losers when we don’t achieve these goals.

Take the Icon's 2014 New Year' Eve Quiz

Plans for New Year’s Eve?

Why not dazzle your party (or yourself) by testing your knowledge of Ada? To do so, we present the Ada Icon 2014 New Year’s Eve Quiz.

Here’s how it works. Here are 15 questions about Ada worth 45 points. Answers are based events of  2014. The correct answers are below our quiz, so you may grade yourself, but it’s totally the honor system.

Some questions are easy, some take some thinking and others are downright stinkers.

Of course, the stinkers are worth more points than others due to the skill level required to answer them correctly.

Here’s the scoring system:

40 to 45 points – Ada genius

Iconclast view: A modern Christmas story

In the sixth year in the reign of Obama, legislation passed that all U.S. citizens be counted in the county where their ancestors had settled. This unusual census was when Kasich was governor of Ohio and Latta was fifth district representative.

Jose from Lebanon, Ohio, with his young housekeeper, Maria, who was nine-month’s pregnant with someone else’s child, and who Jose had intended to marry, drove to Ada in Jose’s 1996 Mercury Cougar. This was because Jose was a great-great-great-grandson of one of the original immigrants in Liberty Township.

When Great-Grandmother Ada talks, I listen

There I was minding my own business in the Ada Public Library, and who do you suppose walked in: Great-Grandmother Ada.

I hadn’t seen her in town since the night Zac Dysert was drafted by the Broncos. She doesn’t live here anymore. I think she moved to Ada, Oklahoma, but I’m not certain. Anyway, I know she’s retired. She looked really good, though. A little purple wave in her hair and a really nice tan.

As soon as she sat down I knew she’d start talking. She has lots of opinions on Ada. You know, the usual: What ever became of so-and-so, and who bought that property on North Main Street?”