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Iconoclast View

Want to hear a good Halloween story that involves a cast of Ada characters?

By Fred Steiner
Want to hear a good Halloween story? Here’s one. And it’s true.

Most of us have forgotten that the bend in the road on State Route 235 north of Ada was originally laid out as a 90-degree angle. If you head north, you can see a remnant of that angle - but look closely.

Most of us have also forgotten that the 90-degree angle once had a name: Dead Man’s Jog. I know how the name came to be. My grandfather told me. He told me the story over a half century ago. It was a story that took place, well, I’ll put it this way - several generations ago.

Iconoclast View: Reflections on becoming acquainted with Ada

Reflections on becoming aquainted with Ada.

Okay, I’m an outsider. Only 12 miles to the northwest. I live in Bluffton and am learning the ins and outs of the community of Bulldogs to the south. And, I'm starting to become recognized. During the high school homecoming football game a student pointed to me and said: "Hey, aren't you that Icon guy?"

So, I am becoming noticed and am picking things up rather quickly – at least I think so. For example, here’s some of the items scribbled in my reporter’s notebook from a recent day spent in Ada:

Village Voice: When exercising your pets, exercise responsibly

The Village of Ada publishes informational articles about Village policies and services currently offered. These articles are for informational purposes only. Further details and the complete Codified Ordinances may be found on the Village website,, or by calling the Village Offices at 419-634-4045.

Exercising your pet? Exercise responsibility, too.

Many of our days as of late have had perfect weather for walking, for both residents and dogs. When you head out the door to walk your dog, do you have the checklist covered? Leash? Check. Collar? Check. Dog tag? Check. Extra bags? Ch…wait, what? Extra bags? Why?

Ohio Stadium: And now presenting the Ada High School marching band!

Story and photos by Stacy Geedey

The Ada High School Marching Band performed their competition show titled “Invasion: The Mystery of Stonehenge” Saturday at The Ohio State University Stadium as part of the 2013 Buckeye Invitational.

Thirty-two other schools competed in this invitation-only competition. Each school competed to receive a rating through a system established by The Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA).

Boots for a dark and stormy night

Friday was a night to get out the boots. Here are four boots belonging to Ada school students. Want to place a guess on the boot owners? These boots were photographed in the front row, 50 yard line during Friday's game against Paulding.

The answer's is a photo below. In case you don't recognize the boot owners, here they are from left, Nicki Lehsten, Maddie Gossard, Alexis Swaney and Teara Coulson.

Who am I? Answer at the bottom of the story

By Alisa Armbrecht

Here's your final chance to guess the identity of our mystery resident. The answer's at the bottom of the story.

First, here are some hints?