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Stop in the Icon Grill

Icon reader Todd Gratz spotted the Icon Grill (GR LL sic) while in Seattle, Wash., recently. Always seeking new income streams, The Icon has considered opening Icon Grills nationwide. The Seattle site is an test kitchen. We will continue to keep viewers updated on our extensive ventures.

Liberty Township's July rainfall 4.66 inches

In the month of July, Extension rainfall reporters recorded an average of 2.85 inches of rain in Hardin County. Last year, the average rainfall for July was 7.4 inches. With the exception of three townships, this past month was a dry month as rainfall was 1.31 inches below the 10-year average rainfall for the month of July.

July rainfall by township is in attachment.

High-level painting on Main Street

Some high-level painting is underway on Ada's Main Street this week. The top of the building that houses Beacon Realty,  208 N. Main St., is getting a new coat of paint. In our photo shoot, the Icon had difficulty trying to chose which view to post. 

So, in this story, we've posted four different views. We'll let the viewers decide which photo they like the best.

Grindell Masonry, Kenton, is the contractor for the job.


15 minutes with Karl Karcher: Blink-182 probably put that smile on his face

15 Minutes with Karl Karcher, 2013 AHS Graduate
By Bailey Bowers

What have you been up to since your graduation from Ada High School? 

Well, I finished up my first year at Bluffton University and I’m getting ready to start my second year there. I had a job as a student assistant in the University Tech Center all year and I am currently employed there full-time for the summer. I will be working there again this school year.

Who is your elementary teacher this year? Check the class list attached to this story

The Ada Elementary school office provided the Ada Icon with the corrected and official 2014-15 elementary class list.

The list is provided in an attachment at the bottom of this story.

The story behind the man depicted in the statue on the ONU campus

By Sarah Bender, Icon intern

Located between the Dicke building of business and the Hill building, home to the social sciences, stands the statue of a man who founded Ohio Northern University and who helped to develop the town of Ada.

It is Dr. Henry Solomon Lehr.

The statue shows Lehr pondering, standing at the head of campus and facing the town. His nature and location epitomize Lehr’s nature as a progressive academic, interested in the needs of students.