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Who views the Ada Icon? You do, plus 2,345 other viewers

Social media is a powerful tool and the Ada Icon uses it very successfully to attract viewers.

At the moment the Icon has 490 Facebook friends. We post from one or two items on our Facebook page every day. Here’s some examples of the number of people we’ve reached this spring, which demonstrates our most popular stories. These are the top five stories that attracted viewers from Facebook:

1 - Ada prom videos reached 1,265 on facebook
2 - 1924 Ada football team reached 667
3 - Craig Hoffman 15 minute interview reached 580
4 - Bailey Bowers 15 minute interview reached 568
5 - Spring fever follies photos reached 445

Exactly how deep is the pavement on Ada's Main Street?

WATCH THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS STORY...and click on the image to get a better view of the bricks.

Exactly how deep is the pavement on Ada's Main Street?

Good question. How did it get that deep, what are those bricks doing under the pavement, how long have they been there, and what's under the bricks?

These questions are surfacing - excuse the pun - as a water line is being placed across Main Street at Lima Avenue. 

With the intersection closed and digging underway, one can study the history of the street by observing what's being uncovered.

Bluffton's Bambi - this story could have easily taken place in Ada

Note: This is a story about a newborn fawn who happened to be caught in the May 28 flash flood and separated from its mother. The story took place in Bluffton, but the Icon thought it might be of interest to Ada Icon viewers.

On Sunday the Bluffton Icon posted a photo of a newborn fawn discovered in an unnamed Bluffton location. In that story we revealed that Bambi was alone, and curled up in some greenery.

We concluded that:

1 - Bambi was an orphan, or
2 - Bambi's mother left the fawn with plans to return later.

15 with Annabel: "I would like to work in a museum restoring old artwork"

15 Minutes with Annabel Pinkney
Interviewed by Bailey Bowers

Iconic Bakery: Care for an Icon Biscotti?

Viewers of this column understand I really like to dunk things I bake in coffee (or milk). And, in my opinion, biscotti was made for dunking.

After developing a hankering for this toast-like cookie with a long shape, I priced a box in the grocery and decided to make my own for lots less the cost. This assumption was correct. It’s inexpensive to make and one recipe produces lots more than the small box on the grocery shelf.

Making biscotti yourself enables you to customize the flavor. Here’s the Icon Biscotti recipe. Get the coffee ready (or milk). As always, we’ve lowered the sugar content from most recipes you’ll find for this snack.

One-act plays on Freed Center's stage April 24 to 27

Ohio Northern University’s Freed Center for the Performing Arts will present three student-directed one-act plays in the new Mathile Lab Theatre from April 24 to 27 at 7:30 p.m., and with matinee shows scheduled for April 26 and 27 at 2 p.m.