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Randy Stewart this week's football contest winner

Ten contestants correctly picked 14 games this week. Five of those were eliminated in the first tie-breaker.

The remaining five each picked the same two correct tie-breakers. To break the tie, we declared that the the contestant who was the earliest to enter this week's contest (of the five who tied), would be declared the winner.

Randy Stewart, who submitted his enter on Sept. 17 at 4:07 p.m., is therefore declared the winner.

This week's results:

The "Alumni Factor" ranks ONU as a top school

The Alumni Factor has named Ohio Northern University as one of the top 177 top schools in the nation. ONU ranked 154th overall and 18th in the Midwest region.

“This latest recognition shows not only that students who graduate from ONU receive an excellent education that prepares them for the future, but also that they enjoy the ONU experience and all the University has to offer,” said Daniel A. DiBiasio, ONU president.

There's a story behind every license plate

Is this your license plate? Or, your neighbor's? Or, do you know who drives around Ada with this plate.


For the past several weeks, The Ada Icon has featured a vanity plate discovered on Ada's streets. These random, drive-by shootings (with our camera) are simply for fun, but we know there's always a story behind every license plate. The problem is that we don't know that story. We also don't know the license plate owner.

As we continue to post these random plates of the week, we welcome Icon viewers to log on to the comment section of the story. 

Q: How many nations in the world have had viewers on The Ada Icon? A: It will surprise you!

A letter to Ada Icon readers:

In mid-September The Ada Icon will be six months old. We like to take a moment and share with viewers some of the interesting stats about we’ve experienced in our first six months.

These are according to Google Analytics:
7,450 total visits to the site
3,474 individual viewers (some check in twice a day!)
20,322 pages visited
2.73 pages views per each visit
1:56 average time spent on The Icon on each visit
469 visitors to the site during the week of Aug. 5-11
     (that’s our highest weekly viewer count - we're really happy about this number!)

Chris North in Dominican Republic: "Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from these people"

"We in America have so much and want more and are miserable because we don't have what we want.  The Dominican people have so little and are so grateful for what they do have.  Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from these people."

Those are the words of Chris North. She's back in Dominican Republic. The Ada Icon has permission to link to her blog, which shows photos and tells about the experiences of her present trip.

For North's thoughs on a typical day of a rural Dominican, click here.

North is Director of Communication Studies Program at Ohio Northern University.

Part IV of NFL Preview: The AFC and NFC West divisions

Part IV of NFL Preview: The AFC and NFC West divisions
By Jake Dowling, Icon intern
Click here for earlier previews
AFC West

Denver Broncos, 8-8, won division, lost in divisional round

The Coach- John Fox enters his second season as head coach and no other year may be a better year than 2012 for him to get his team back in the Super Bowl for the first time since he was coach of the Carolina Panthers in 2003 when they lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIII.