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Ada small business Christmas open house Nov. 29 at The Depot

A Christmas open house featuring four Ada small businesses is planned from 4 to 8 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 29, at The Depot, 110 Central Ave., Ada.

Features businesses are:
• Leah Martin, Premier Jewelry consultant
• Kelly Fetrow, Pretty Preserves
• Amy Mayden, Heaven Sent
• Lori Poling, LP Designs

The event offers an early chance at purchasing Christmas presents. Icon viewers are invited to attend and browse through a selection of handbags, jewelry, home decor items, soaps and more.

Commentary: My first presidential election voting experience

Note: Alli Walbolt, an ONU student, is an intern for The Ada Icon this fall.

Being able to exercise my right to vote has always been an exciting thing for me. In 2010 I registered to vote within a month of my 18th birthday. I couldn’t wait to vote in my first ever election, though it wasn’t quite as glamorous.

This year was my first presidential election and I was more involved in politics than I ever had been. I watched the debates and other political coverage, read articles and candidate platforms, and researched issues and people that would be on my ballot.

Want to hear a good Ada Halloween story? Ever hear about "Dead Man's Jog"?

By Fred Steiner
Want to hear a good Ada Halloween story? Here’s one. And it’s true.

Most of us have forgotten that the bend in the road on State Route 235 north of Ada was originally laid out as a 90-degree angle. If you head north, you can see a remnant of that angle - but look closely.

Most of us have also forgotten that the 90-degree angle once had a name: Dead Man’s Jog. I know how the name came to be. My grandfather told me. He told me the story over a half century ago. It was a story that took place, well, I’ll put it this way - several generations ago.

Want to know about Twitter in 140 characters or less? Read on

The Icon asked Alli Walbolt, our ONU intern, to explain Twitter to us and to viewers. Her explanation follows in a typical "Twitter" format. Except for her own name, the names here are imaginary.

If you have a social media question, sent it to [email protected]. We'll forward it to Alli.

David Hartman @DHartman289
@Alli_Walbolt What is Twitter?

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@DHartman289 It’s a social media site to help you connect with friends, customers, or family by writing short messages they can read.

Dr. Samuel Heiks: Approaching Insomnia. Simple tips.

Dr. Heiks is a board certified Family Medicine doctor and lives in  Bluffton, Ohio.

Dear Dr. Heiks: I struggle with insomnia and have tried several different medications. I would prefer to be on no medication. What can I do?
Reader from Bluffton, Ohio

Dear Reader: If you’re like me, sleep affects every aspect of life and so it is important to get enough of it (or at least try). Having a young family, I understand this is often easier said than done. However, simple steps that can be taken to maximize chances for success, especially if removing medication is your goal.

The Village Voice: Ghouls, goblins and witches hit the sidewalks of Ada!

The Village of Ada publishes informational articles about Village policies and services currently offered. These articles are for informational purposes only. Further details and the complete Codified Ordinances may be found on the Village website,, or by calling the Village Water Office at 419-634-4045.

Ghouls, goblins and witches hit the sidewalks of Ada!
The annual haunting of Ada’s sidewalks takes place next Thursday! On Oct. 25, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., the children of Ada are invited to bring out their best costumes for the Village’s trick or treat.