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Letter to the Editor

Dear Hardin County Supporters,

  Christmas and the New Year holidays are quickly approaching and United Way of Hardin County is nearing the final lap for the 2019 campaign.  What an exciting time!

 It has been said that there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting up people. That is exactly what United Way does for the citizens of our county, stabilizing families, helping children succeed and empowering healthy lives!

  We are so grateful to those who have already contributed so generously! But now are reaching out today for additional assistance.  Please join us and support United Way of Hardin County.

Letter: School board manages a school system that exceeds expectation

Icon viewers:
I appreciate the Ada School Board/OSBA recognition for me/Ada Icon that was announced at this month's School Board meeting. Presenting the certificate and the listing in the OSBA Journal was kind, thoughtful, and considerate. 

As I said around the table at the end of the meeting, you, the board, and the fiscal officers do a terrific job managing a school system that EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS. 

You follow a legacy in Ada where public education has been in the forefront of community importance. When settlers first arrived in Ada, they began building small schoolhouses for their sons and daughters. That interest continues today.

Letter: We have a great school; we should support the Nov. 6 tax levy

Icon viewers:

I am writing in support of the Ada Exempted Village Schools’ 2.9 mill permanent improvement levy that will face the Ada voters on November 6, 2018. 

As a RENEWAL tax, this five-year levy is not a new tax nor a tax increase.  The purpose of this tax is to provide permanent improvements for the school district.   By definition, this includes assets or site improvements which will last longer than five years.  Therefore, this levy is not permitted to be used for general operations, including salaries and benefits.

Letter to Editor

Fire levy

In this Letter to the Editor of the Ada Icon, the fire department asks for your “Yes” vote on a levy for a new fire truck:

The Ada-Liberty Township Fire Department protects the incorporated area of Ada, 36 square miles of Liberty Township and 10 square miles in Orange Township, Hancock County.

In 1990, the fire department took delivery of the first fire truck of its kind in the area. Engine 53 carries 2,500 gallons of water for rural fires, 900 feet of 5 inch hose for supplying water from hydrants, 500 feet of 3 inch hose, and 550 feet of 1 3/4 inch attack lines.  

Letter: RENEW 4-H - Vote YES on Issue 6

Hardin County Voters:

On November 6, I ask for your support on Issue 6, OSU Extension Levy. This RENEWAL levy generates financial support for programs in our county such as 4-H, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Family Consumer Science, and SNAP Education. Because of the local share, financial support is returned to our county in matching state, federal and grant dollars. Without local dollars, the state and federal dollars would not be provided to OSU Extension.

Letter: Issue 1 on Nov. 6 is wrong for crime victims

Icon viewers:

Issue 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot does not just reduce sentences for non-violent drug crimes, it also shortens the amount of time spent in prison by 25% for almost all violent crimes.  

Thousands of criminals could be released early for Aggravated Murder (but not “murder,”) Aggravated Rape (but not “rape,”) Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Felonious Assault, Aggravated Robbery, and every other horrific felony crime you can think of, due to its specific language.