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 Protect baby birds - Keep cats inside

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It's a wonderful time of the year, with baby birds leaving their nests and learning how to fly. But unfortunately, it's easy for cats to catch the baby birds. This is a great time of year to keep your cat inside, and give the birds a chance to fly.

Letter: Recycled items needed for summer reading program

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Recycled items needed for Ada Public Library Summer Reading 2019:

-Paper Towel Rolls

-Toilet Paper Rolls

-2 liter pop bottles

-20 oz. bottles

-Gatorade bottles

-Cardboard boxes (Amazon boxes for example àany size will be great!)

-[empty] yogurt containers (any size)

-Packing peanuts

All of these items will be used for student Art or S.T.E.M. projects.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Natalie Walton
Youth Services, Ada Public Library

Letter: Thank you from Ada Kiwanis Club

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The Ada Kiwanis Club would like to thank each of its sponsors in the year's pancake and sausage breakfast.

Ada Kiwanis members

Letter: Thanks to all you assisted us in snow removal

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Thank you to all who have assisted us in snow removal by moving your vehicles off of the street; we all benefit from your efforts.

Please remember to clear the snow from your sidewalks. For you younger folks, take care of the elderly in your neighborhood by clearing their sidewalks too.

Thanks again and enjoy the snow.
Ada Police Department

Letter: I remember the Carol Channing concert at Freed Center

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Note: The Icon asked viewers if they attended the first-ever Freed Center concert, which feature Carol Channing. Don Traxler offers this remembrance:

 My wife Myra, my son, Ty, and I attended the sold-out Carol Channing Concert at the opening of the Freed Center on April 27, 1991.  Ty was 14 years old and Myra and I basically had to force him to go with us.  

Letter to the Editor

Dear Hardin County Supporters,

  Christmas and the New Year holidays are quickly approaching and United Way of Hardin County is nearing the final lap for the 2019 campaign.  What an exciting time!

 It has been said that there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting up people. That is exactly what United Way does for the citizens of our county, stabilizing families, helping children succeed and empowering healthy lives!

  We are so grateful to those who have already contributed so generously! But now are reaching out today for additional assistance.  Please join us and support United Way of Hardin County.