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Ada superintendent addresses school levy "misinformation"

The board of elections determined that this levy would be considered a renewal

The following is a letter to the editor from Meri Skilliter, Ada school superintendent.

Icon viewers:
I wanted to take this opportunity to clear up some misinformation that has circulated regarding the Ada School’s levy that will appear on the ballot on Tuesday:

Misinformation: “This levy should not be called a “renewal” because the one expiring was for a five-year term, and this one the Board of Education is asking to put on for a continuing period of time.”

Letter: Ada Police Department stands ready to assist our residents

Ada Icon viewers:
FROM THE ADA BULLDOGS FACEBOOK - I just wanted to pass on that the Mayor and I attended a briefing this morning in Hardin County related to the COVIS-19 situation and to advise you of two important bits of information that we learned.

1. An important phone number for any and all questions related to the virus is 1-833-427-5634. This is the public information number for the Ohio Department of Health Call Center which has been established specifically for COVIS-19 issues.

Letter: Need for a balanced perspective on school levy

Ada Schools will need to regain our trust before we can support any, let alone a permanent, tax levy

Ada Community:
We write not to direct an outcome, but to ensure a balanced perspective. Ada Schools has a levy set for our vote this March. However, it is out opinion that the approach to this levy has thus far proven concerning. The levy is being placed on the ballot as a “continuous renewal”. This means that the tax is essentially permanent. 

Letter: Levy is not a new tax

Monies generated are for general operations

Dear Ada Community:
On March 17, 2020, the Ada School District is seeking a renewal of a .75% income tax levy for a continuing period of time.  This is NOT new tax, but a renewal, which means NO new monies. The monies generated from this levy will be used for general operating expenses.

Letter: We did it!

Ada community now holds a Guinness World Record

Ada Community:
WE DID IT! The Ada Community now holds a Guinness World Record. According to Guiness, “The most people throwing an American football simultaneously is ​950​ ​and was achieved by Ada Schools (USA) with the support of Wilson Football Factory, Ohio Northern University and Liberty National Bank in Ada, Ohio, USA on 25 October 2019.”

CLICK HERE to read more about the record.

Gravely concerned about Ada Board of Education decision

Students' courage in showing up at this meeting was most admirable

Dear Community Members:
I remain gravely concerned about the callous decision of the Ada Board
of Education to endorse the elimination of one of the school’s most highly
acclaimed extracurricular programs, over the strenuous objection of 32
citizens at the November 2019 School Board meeting.  

Ada High School Winter Guard was effectively abolished last  August, unbeknownst to the Ada Music Boosters, students, parents, and the wider Ada community.