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Lowry's Grocery, sometime after 1912

You could find everything you want at Lowry's Grocery, 225 N. Main St., Ada, in this post card photo taken sometime after 1912. Count the stars on the U.S. flag at the rear of the store. It has 48 stars with Arizona being the 48th state that year.

Designed for shoppers to hand their grocery list to the clerk behind the counter, we see apples in a basket, cans stacked on the upper shelves and what appear to be boxes of cigars near the front entrance.

If the Icon has the correct location, Lowry's was in a building on the same side of Main Street at Nick Alger's BodyWorks at 227 N. Main, which means the Lowry Grocery was in a building that is no longer standing.

The photo is part of the Ada Public Library's Ada post card collection.

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