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5th Quarter offers homecoming activities, inside and out

Ada High School alumni are included in the invitation to 5th Quarter activities for Homecoming on Friday, September 25.

Coordinator Amber Simon makes the pitch: "ADA ALUMNI! Have you heard of our 5th Quarters and it makes you miss our days of hanging out at Hardee’s after the game? This is your moment! Come and bring the family to see how these kids do 5th Quarter! This is completely free to you."

Buckeye East coffee shop, 123 E Buckeye Ave., will be roping off the parkig lot for a bounce house, Gaga Ball pit, alumni friends grilling hot dogs, and karaoke. Indoors there will be traditional 5th Quarter activities: pizzas, prizes, snacks and music.

There will be adults monitoring all areas and making sure kids stay on the property. Only 6th-12th graders should be dropped off. Alumni that bring younger children must stay and be responsible for them.