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November 12, 2019

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15 Minutes

Shelby Conner: I'd like to take Will Smith to El Campo

Shelby, what year are you at Ada High School?
I’m a senior.

Tell us what classes you are taking this semester.
Communication, Psychology, College Prep English, Ag Business, Algebra III, Physics and I’m a student helper.

Have you started looking at colleges for next year?
Yes. Akron, Ohio State University and Bowling Green State University. I’m interested in psychology or social work.

You'll never believe how Sharon (Binkley) Zimmerly got nailed with a detention as an Ada senior

15 minutes with Sharon (Binkley) Zimmerly - Click on image to enlarge
Sharon and her husband, Phil, own Common Grounds coffee shop in Bluffton.

When did you graduate from Ada High School?
I was in the class of 2004.

What did you participate in during your years at Ada?
I was in cheerleading, show choir, band, where I played the flute, and in drama club.

Tell me about what you remember from Kindergarten.
(Long pause). Mrs. Shull was my teacher. That’s about it.

You lived in the country? Who was your bus driver?
Mrs. Dearth.

Saed Al-Olimat: If I could take anyone to lunch in downtown Ada, it would be Ariana Grande

15 minutes with Saed Al-Olimat

We recently had a conversation with Saed (pronounced “Sod”), 17, an Ada High School senior. Here’s a portion of the conversation.

What classes are you taking?
Yearbook, psychology in the fall and sociology in the spring, calculus I, Spanish IV, personal finance, Advanced Prep English and Physics.

Who was your kindergarten teacher and who did you sit beside?
Mrs. Smittle was my teacher…(long pause)…I think I sat beside Cole Tabor. I had a mustache kindergarten.


Yes, there was peach fuzz there. Eveyone knew it.

Ada HS junior, Alexis Gonzaga: She's lived in nine states

The Ada Icon talked with Alexis Gonzaga, an Ada junior recently.

What classes are you taking this semester?
English College Prep 11, Anatomy, Pre-Calculus, Spanish III, Government, Yearbook and I am an office worker.

You’ve played basketball and softball. Tell us about your best-ever games.
In basketball I play guard. In softball, centerfield. My best basketball game was at New Riegel. I had a great defensive game. In softball, this year against LCC I hit a walk-off double.

15 minutes with Dean Alstaetter

Where did you grow up?

In the country between Cairo and Columbus Grove, OH.

From where and when did you graduate from high school?

Bath High 1990

How did you end up attending Goshen College? Were you a music major? You also have a master's degree, correct?

My church introduced me to Goshen College and attended music camp there each summer.  I studied piano performance.  My Master of Arts in Piano Pedagogy is from The Ohio State University.  I studied composition and music theory at BGSU.

What was your first job? What did you learn from that?

Ask Cole Tabor about his pumpkin patch - it's huge

The Ada Icon recently sat down with Cole Tabor, Ada High School junior. Here’s a segment of our conversation.

What classes are you taking this semester?
Cole: Varsity Singers, Algebra III, American Government, English II College Prep, and Art I A and B.

Any activities outside of academics?
Cole: I run track and play football. I’ll be a wide receiver in football next season. In track I run the 200, 400 and am on the 4 by 200 relay. My personal best in the 200 is 27.9 seconds and in the 400 1:10. Our relay was second at the Spencerville Relays.