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July 13, 2020

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with Brittney: Maybe she'll be a vet in Ada some day

The weather and school cancellations kept The Icon from talking with Ada High School students in January. We were finally able to get back on track this week. We caught up with Brittney Archer recently in study hall. Here’s part of our conversation.

You are a senior this year at Ada High School. What is your school schedule?
Brittney: Communication, Sociology, Calculus, then two study halls in row, English College Prep, Physics and Anatomy.

Now a student at Lehigh, Erica Kier sees her hometown in a "different light"

15 minutes with Erica Kier

What year did you graduate from Ada High School?
I am a proud member of Ada High School’s Class of 2013.

Can you remember who you sat beside in first grade?
• Hmm, that is a tough one, but I am fairly certain Russell Gray sat behind me at some point in Mrs. Beckley’s first grade class. I do remember a time where I turned around to tell him he was bugging me and to please stop but it just so happened to be the day where we were learning about insects so my comment only seemed to add fuel to his fire that day.

Cory Kellum - His goal is to be a military police officer

15 minutes with Cory Kellum

What classes are you taking this year?
College Prep English, Psychology, Spanish I, Communications, Physics and choir.

What’s your favorite subject?
Psychology. We are learning why people do what they do.

I understand you have some big plans after graduation.
Yes. I’ve enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard. Next summer I’ll go to basic training for nine weeks then I’ll go to an assigned unit, which is the Middletown 324th Military Police Battalion.

You probably already knew this, Santa Claus looks a lot like a guy who lives in Ada

Over the weekend The Icon sat down with Santa Claus and discussed everything starting from Dec. 26 all the way to Dec. 25. The more we talked with him, the more we began to think he resembles a certain Ada resident. But we could never quite nail it down. Our chat took place while he visited youngsters of all ages in a town north of Ada. 

By the way, Santa has a facebook page and may be found on LinkedIn. Here's a small portion of our talk.

A conversation with Kelsey Zimmerly, Ada's homecoming queen

Because our most recent interview was with Colton Hall, Ada's homecoming king, we thought it would be great to talk with the homecoming queen. We met up with Kelsey Zimmerly during lunch. She was with several friends who claim they sit at the same table every day for lunch. Here’s a portion of our conversation.

What classes are you taking this year?
Show choir, Psychology, study hall, College Prep English, office worker, Algebra III, Personal Finance and Photography.

What’s your favorite subject?
English. I like to write.

Colton Hall, Ada senior - being homecoming king was 'pretty much the highlight of my life'

15 minutes with Colton Hall, Ada High School senior
(Note: This interview took place during a study hall in the media center conference room. Also in attendance were Torch, Redman, Waldo and Bird.)

What classes are you taking this year?
Psychology, English 12, Communications, Integrative 4 (math), I have two study halls and work release. In that program I work at Community Market.