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April 8, 2020

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with Anni from Finland

"My primary goal is to finish my education, and then I hope I’ll find something to my heart that makes me happy"

Pardon our recent distracation. The Icon has a couple  15-minute interviews with ONU international students that we've not had a chance to post. Our intern, Liza Dyachuk, from Russia, conducted these in early March. We hope these students are able to continue to communicate with their family and we hope everyone is well.

Interview by Liza Dyachuk

Anni Miettinen
Finnish student
Senior at ONU,business major  

Icon: How did you hear about ONU?
Anni: My home university and ONU are partners, so I got to know about ONU from my university back home. 

15 minutes with Bel Mancuso, Ada HS senior

She's the April Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month

Ada High School senior, Bel Mancuso, is the April Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month. The Icon chatted with her earlier this week. Here’s a portion of that conversation.

What classes are you taking this semester?
This semester I am taking sociology, intro to film, economics, algebra II, astronomy and mobile app design. 

She learned about ONU because her uncle attended here

Xinyue Zhang comes to Ada after growing up in a city of 8.2 million people

Xinyue Zhang
Meaning of her name: Moon
English pronunciation: Ariel
Your nationality:  Chinese
Year at ONU: Sophomore
Major at ONU: Pharmacy

Interviewed by Elizaveta Dyachuk

A chat with Nicolas Kamatali

Talking about videos and travel

Interview by Bel Mancuso

Nicolas Kamatali
Ada High School senior

What classes are you taking this semester?
Nicolas: Sociology, communications/economics, physics, film and lit, digital graphics, calculus, and Spanish 4. 

What do you want to do after high school?
Nicolas: I hope to become a therapist, earning my degree at ONU. I would like to travel to Austria and  be a therapist at an international hotel since my German is not great. If I’m passionate enough about psychology I might become a professor, but I’m not sure yet though.

Russian student interested in working for international organization

"One that is involved in civic activities to do good for the world"

Anna Lebedeva
Your nationality: Russian
Year at ONU: Senior
Major at ONU: Political Science

Interviewed by Elizaveta Dyachuk

Icon: How did you hear about ONU?
I’d had no idea that I would study at ONU before the YEAR Program (Year of Exchange in America for Russians), I am a participant of, announced the university I would go to. ONU is a small local university, that’s why even when I got the results, I still had no clue where I would go to. So, I googled it and came across ONU social media that surprised me in a good way with the activity there.  

Ethan Hull anticipating a career in nursing

And, he has passion for golf

Ethan Hull, senior at Ada High School, is the March Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month. The Icon had an opportunity to talk with him recently. Here is a portion of that interview.

Icon: What’s your class schedule this semester?
I’m taking anatomy, economics, sociology, introduction to film and literature, I have a study hall, graphic design and Photoshop, statistics and I’m a ‘Dogs volunteer.