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December 11, 2019

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with Theo Hardesty

Talking about the Arctic Wolves sled team, amateur auto racing, Boy Scouts, that 2003 Mazda he drives and lots more

Theo Hardesty is the Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative Ada High School student of the month. The Icon took that opportunity to have the following 15-minute interview with him.

What’s your school schedule this semester?
Theo: Communications, Economics, Physics, Intro to Literature, Statistics, Conspiracy Theory, study hall and band. I take statistics for pharmacy at ONU. Next term I’ll take Introduction to Film in place of Intro to Lit.

What instrument do you play?
Trumpet. I tried percussion and clarinet, but really found the trumpet to be my instrument.

She takes swimming very seriously

15 minutes with Klava Katayama, Ada HS senior

The Icon had a chat with Ada HS senior, Klava Katayama. Here’s a portion of our conversation.

You are a true example of the American melting pot.
Klava: Yes. I’m 50 percent Russian, 25 percent Japanese and 25 percent Italian.

How many languages can you speak?
Klava: My mom taught me some Russian, but I’m best at English.

15 minutes with Ted Hadley

Including his summer plans, favorite music and a story from first grade

Interviewed by Nathan Hurtig
I’m talking with Ted Hadley, who will be a junior at Ada High School next year.

What are your plans for this summer?
I am going to get started on earning money for college and the marching band’s trip to Disneyland. I’ve applied to Subway, so I hope I’ll get the job!

Tell me about the music you listen to.
Usually I listen to whatever is on the radio. My favorite genre is probably rock music, and my favorite band is the Black Eyed Peas.

15 minutes with Jed Marquart

Little known fact: ONU prof was a Bluffton HS valedictorian

FROM BLUFFTON ICON - Bluffton Icon is currently interviewing previous Bluffton HS valedictorians. One of those featured is Dr. Jed Marquart, ONU professor of mechanical engineering. His interview follows. 

Marquart is a valedictorian of the class of 1976.

15 minutes with John Lomax

Retired Professor of History, after 30 years at ONU

15 minutes with Professor John Lomax
Interviewed by Liz Gordon-Hancock

John Phillip Lomax was born at St. Catherine’s Mercy Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 9, 1952, as the rampaging Missouri River was just about to crest.  His dad was sandbagging the levee in Council Bluffs as his mom gave birth at St. Catherine’s, high atop the bluff on the Omaha side. 

He received his bachelor's degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1974, his mastor's from the University of Chicago in 1975, and then his doctorate from the University of Kansas in 1987.

15 minutes with Todd McAlpine, bagpiper

He played during the ONU Veterans Day event

By Monty Siekerman
How did a physics instructor come to play the bagpipes? The Ada Icon caught up with  Todd McAlpine last week when he performed a special song at the beginning of the Veterans Day wreath-laying ceremony at Ohio Northern.

McAlpine said he first heard someone play the Highland pipes when he was six years old and loved the sound, so he learned to play the bulky instrument. He’s also of Scottish heritage.

McAlpine, who teaches physics part-time, is primarily a stay-at-home dad since his wife, Perrine Trilisa, teaches chemistry at ONU. They are parents of two sons, Callum, 5, and Rory, 3.