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November 12, 2019

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15 Minutes

Taylor Willeke: Four more years of basketball in Ada - this time as a Polar Bear

The Ada Icon caught up with Taylor Willeke, Ada High School senior, recently. Here’s a portion of that conversation.

What courses are you taking this semester?
Taylor: Physics, Calculus, Sociology, Personal Finance, Spanish IV and Advanced Prep English 12.

When was the first time you held a basketball?
Probably when I was 2 years old. My dad was the eighth grade basketball coach and he’d take me to practice with him.

Ask Brent Numbers, Ada senior, how many fingers he's broken in football

We met Brent Numbers, Ada High School senior, with a group of his friends earlier this week.

What classes are you taking this semester, Brent?
English 12, Sociology, Art I, Ceramics II, Algebra III and Personal Finance.

Tell me about your athletic participation.
I played football, left tackle and was all-state. I also throw shot and discus in track.

What are your personal bests and tell me about the school records in these events?
My personal best in the shot is 40 feet and in discus, 140. I’m trying to break the school records, which are 52 in shot and 165 in discus.

Talk with Austin Cobb and soon the subject turns to baseball

We met up with Austin Cobb, Ada High School senior, in study hall. He was at his usual table with Micah Roberson, Brenden Szippl and Kellen Decker.

What classes are you taking this semester?
English, Ceramics, Sociology, Algebra II, French I, Communications and Yearbook.

Do you play on any sport teams?
Yes, basketball and baseball. I pitch and play shortstop in baseball.

Tell me about your best-ever baseball game.
It was last summer on the Lima American Legion team. I was a pitching relief in the fourth inning and I took the game in 11 or 12 innings. It was against Troy.

Ada prom is 47 days away and counting

Here’s a conversation with three Ada High School juniors, Alexis Rhodes, Hannah Price and Bri Agner. 

What classes are you taking this semester?
Hannah: English, Algebra II, Art III, Anatomy, Government, Spanish III and Crafts.
Alexis: Crafts, Spanish IV, English, Algebra II, Anatomy, Government and Spanish II.
Bri: Varsity Singers, English, French IV, Algebra III, Government, Art III and Anatomy.

Mitchell Wilcox would prefer to be swimming

15 minutes with Mitchell Wilcox, Ada High School sophomore

Note: Mitchell recently competed in the Ohio High School Athletic Association state swim meet in Canton. Watch the Ada Icon for a story on Ada’s team results at the state meet.

Mitchell, tell me what classes you are taking this semester.
Advance English, U.S. History, Algebra II, Chemistry, Ceramics II and Computer Tech. I’m also a member of the swim, cross country and track teams.

What would you like to do after high school?
My goal at the moment is to attend the University of Florida and compete in swimming.

Ada High sophomore interested in art and psychology

15 minutes with Allison Howard, Ada High School sophomore

Allison, tell me what classes you are taking this semester.

Chemistry, U.S. Studies II, CAD (Computer Aided Drafting), Geography, English 10 Advanced, French II and Art II. I’m also in Aspirations.

I see you have an art sketchpad. Tell me about it.
I like sketching and drawing. The largest project I ever created was last year. In art we took a small comic panel and enlarged it to about 4 feet by 2 and a half feet. That took over three weeks in class to complete. I did mine on a Danger Girl comic panel.