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November 20, 2019

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with Austin Dumbaugh - there's something about his stare

15 minutes with Ada High School senior, Austin Dumbaugh

What are your plans after high school?
I’m attending Rhodes State College, Lima and will major in nursing.

What classes are you taking this semester?
Yearbook, sociology, astronomy, English, personal finance and Trig.

Do you have your prom tux rented?
Yeah. It’s a blue vest.

Where are you going to eat?
Tokyo Steak House, Findlay. A group of us, probably 14. The girls made the reservation. I just show up.

15 minutes with Bailey: Tell us all about your first year in college

15 minutes with Bailey Bowers

When did you graduate from Ada High School?
May 2013.

Where are you this year?
I’m a freshman at the College of Wooster. I currently plan on majoring in chemistry. After undergraduate studies, I'd like to pursue a PhD in chemistry or go to optometry school.

What courses are you taking this semester?
I am taking General Chemistry, Introductory Biology, Calculus II, and an English class called “Animals in Literature.”

Alexis Amburgey has her sights on medical school

Alexis Amburgey, Ada High School junior

What classes are you taking this semester?
College Prep English II, AP U.S. History, French III, Pre-Cal/Trig, Advanced Chemistry, Government and Anatomy/Physiology.

How about your sports activities?
I play basketball, volleyball and softball. Basketball is my favorite. I play point. My best game this year was the first game against Cory-Rawson. I scored 22 points and had a good game overall. In volleyball I’m a hitter and in softball I’m a pitcher.

15 minutes with...Craig Hoffman; it took us a while, but we found him in Japan

15 minutes with Craig Hoffman

Craig, when did you graduate from Ada High School?
I graduated from Ada in 1994.

What activities were you in while in high school?
I was fortunate to participate in many different activities. I enjoyed band, choir, cross country, track, Varsity Singers Stage Band, Quiz Bowl, and the like. I was an active student in school.

15 with Ben Neville who says Wisconsin's going to win the men's NCAA basketball title

15 minutes with Ben Neville, Ada High School senior

What classes are you taking this year?
Advanced Placement U.S. History, English 12 College Prep, Pre-Calculus-Trig, Physics, and French IV.

Are you set on your college plans next year?
I’m thinking seriously of attending ONU. I might major in criminal justice or business and then think about attending law school. I’ve already looked at Butler, Wisconsin and Ohio State.

What sports have you played at Ada?
I lettered in soccer four years, played baseball three years and for the first time ever, this spring, I’m running track.

15 minutes with Brittney: Maybe she'll be a vet in Ada some day

The weather and school cancellations kept The Icon from talking with Ada High School students in January. We were finally able to get back on track this week. We caught up with Brittney Archer recently in study hall. Here’s part of our conversation.

You are a senior this year at Ada High School. What is your school schedule?
Brittney: Communication, Sociology, Calculus, then two study halls in row, English College Prep, Physics and Anatomy.