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Hospital offers statement on meningitis

Blanchard Valley Hospital Pain Management has received numerous telephone calls from patients who are concerned about a rare form of fungal meningitis (swelling in the brain with symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and fever) that has been documented across the US in people after having injections in the back.

The FDA identified the maker of the steroid involved in many of the cases as a specialty compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts.

“Let me ease the concerns of patients who have recently had injections in the back in our Bluffton or Findlay facilities. We mix our medications under a sterile environment and do not get our steroid supply from this pharmacy,” said Jenn Reese, director of pain management at Blanchard Valley Hospital.

Reese further explained that Blanchard Valley uses sterile techniques before and during injections to minimize the chance of infection. Additionally, all medications come in a sterile vial and are drawn up under sterile conditions.

The pharmacy that made the steroid in question sent out a recall of three lots of the steroid last week and voluntarily suspended operations.

If you have further concerns, you may discuss them with your physician. If you develop any symptoms that you are concerned about, you may seek treatment at the Blanchard Valley Hospital Emergency Room.