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Angela Polachek updates Ada Kiwanis members on several upcoming village projects

President-Elect Heather Cox called the 20th meeting (March 5) of the 2012–2013 Kiwanis Year to order at noon at the New China Restaurant, downtown, Ada.

The invocation was offered by Jon Umphress.

In business:
-Members heard an updated club financial report from Treasurer Bryan Marshall.
-Secretary Brian Myers reported that the Kiwanis Key Leader program will be held in Ashley, Ohio. Joe Ferguson has two students, Shelby Hazelton and Mackenzie Wills who he will be attending. He also noted that Amanda Bennett’s application for membership has been submitted.
-Jeff Schulman, Lt. Governor-Elect, is in charge of setting up a meeting all new president-elects in the division and is looking at Findlay as a location.
-It was suggested that the induction of new members meeting be held with the satellite/evening meeting as to bring all members together for pot luck. Additional details will be available soon.
-Pancake Day chairman Heather Cox updated members on planning for the annual event.
-Kiwanis Education Minute:  Since 1999 UNICEF and its partners have helped 29 countries achieve victories over the disease, including recent successes in China, East Timor and Tanzania.  However, MNT is still a deadly threat in 30 countries. Kiwanis International’s Eliminate Project is raising US$110 Million by 2015 to eliminate MNT in all remaining nations.

Something to consider: 
From “Live and Love and Pass it On” person aged 6 years said “I’ve learned that if you spread the peas out on your plate, it looks like you ate more,” and from a 9 year old, “I’ve learned that you can be in love with four girls at the same time.”

Upcoming meetings/Events:
3/12 - Linda Steinbrenner our Lt. Governor
3/19 -  Heather Cox for Pancake Day
3/23 -  Pancake Day at Ada School Cafeteria 7am-2pm
3/26 - Sharon MacKenzie
4/02 - Marilyn Green 
4/03 - Induction Ceremony 6 PM, Community Health Professionals
8/09 - Ohio Kiwanis Ohio District Convention in Lima (F

Bryan Marshall introduced Angela Polachek who works for the Village of Ada.
She discussed the recent work undergoing in Ada to develop a Safe Route to School Team (SRST) and their work to establish a plan for getting kids into and out of the Ada schools every day.

She talked about the impending grant application that is being put together that involves training children the best practices for getting to school safely including using cross walks and sidewalks.

A great deal of discussion involved the Monford and Main street intersection and the need to have ALL children cross at Highland and Main rather than at Main and Montford.

She discussed items the SRST is looking at including: the need for (1) sidewalk replacement and building, (2) curb ramp placement on existing sidewalks (for ADA compliance), (3) looking at existing traffic patterns, (4) using crossing guards—hopefully they will garner some volunteers from the high school students, and (5) providing safety information to students and parents on safe travel to the schools.

She also distributed some handouts to the group that detail the significant environmental, financial, and health benefits of children walking or bicycling to school. 

She finished by offering to answer any additional questions from the group.

The Ada Kiwanis Club meets each Tuesday at noon at McIntosh Center, ONU. Guests are always welcome.

For more information, visit the club web site at .