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Adelyn Althaus wins Icon football contest week 4

The winner of Week 4 of The Icon Football Contest is Adelyn Althaus.  Adelyn and David Glick both correctly picked 14 games this week.  They both predicted the same tie-breakers as well.  Adelyn was declared the winner because her picks were entered first.  Congratulations Adelyn!

Other contestants:

13 correct - Chris Boisvert, Mark Delisle, Tater Hooker and Todd Fleharty.

12 correct - Brandon Huber, Duane Bollenbacher, Jared Lehman, Mary Glick and Nathan Davis.

11 correct - Andy Marquart, April Coughlam, Barry Schneck, Bill Edwards, Brad Smith, Jerry Cupples, Jim Dillman, John Schmutz, Mandy LeVeck, Rich Johnson and Scoot Parkins.

10 correct - Angie Gray, Dennis Edinger, Mark Sommers, Matt Amstutz and Tom Clark.

9 correct - Darin Moser, Jeff Stratton, Luke Amstutz, Ross Emans and Todd Larson.

8 correct - David Kozlowsko, Megan Morris, Nancy Armour and Taylor Steele.

7 correct - John Clevidence and Randy Garmatter.

Cumulative Totals:

37 correct - Adelyn Althaus and Tater Hooker.

36 correct - David Glick and Todd Fleharty.

35 correct - Nathan Davis.

34 correct - Brad Smith and Mark Delisle.

33 correct - Duane Bollenbacher.

32 correct - Chris Boisvert, Jared Lehman and Jim Dillman.

31 correct - Rich Johnson.

30 correct - Barry Schneck, Brandon Huber, John Schmutz and Matt Amstutz.

53 other contestants have accumulated less than 30 points.