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Village Voice: When exercising your pets, exercise responsibly

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Exercising your pet? Exercise responsibility, too.

Many of our days as of late have had perfect weather for walking, for both residents and dogs. When you head out the door to walk your dog, do you have the checklist covered? Leash? Check. Collar? Check. Dog tag? Check. Extra bags? Ch…wait, what? Extra bags? Why?

Many dogs that are walked throughout our community are followed by pet owners with bags. Remembering to grab a bag and using it is an act that is appreciated by many.

Nothing ruins a day like walking through the Railroad Park, or down the sidewalk, and having to step around dog piles, or worse, to end up with it on the bottom of shoes. For many property owners and residents, nothing ruins a day like finding piles from other people’s dogs all over their yards, tree lawns, or lawn mower wheels.

Places like the Railroad Park are maintained for everyone in the community to enjoy, from those who like to have lunch in the park on a nice day, to those who like to take their children to the caboose for an afternoon stroll. Dogs, and dog walkers, also enjoy such places.

The fact that we have a place where everyone can enjoy the outdoors in a community park is part of what makes Ada a great place to live.
Extra bags? Check. Your fellow citizens thank you for grabbing that bag and, more importantly, using it.


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