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Sending cancer on a run, part 2

What can you buy with a quarter?  A gumball or a handful of M&Ms from a candy machine, air for your bike tires, six minutes of drying time at the local Laundromat, one hour of parking on (some) city streets, or a secondhand mug at a thrift shop.

Or you can do some good with that quarter by donating it to help David Dellifield reach his goal of collecting 50,266 quarters for Send Cancer on the Run 2: All the Way to the Big Apple. Dellifield, an Ada resident, is a stage 4 cancer survivor who has had a longtime goal of running the New York Marathon. Five years after running his first marathon, he is registered to run the TCS New York Marathon on Nov. 2, 2014.

Dellifield, an alumnus of Ohio Northern University and Bluffton University, is director of McIntosh Center at ONU.

On February 2, 2011, Dellifield, a 39-year-old, non-smoker, was diagnosed with stage 4, well-differentiated squamous-cell carcinoma – throat cancer. His treatment included radiation five days per week and chemotherapy once a week for two months. He completed the cancer treatments on May 2, 2011 – just two days after completing Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon and the first Send Cancer on a Run.

Dellifield and his wife, Jami, created the first Send Cancer on the Run in 2011 as a way to raise money for Not By Choice Outreach in Kenton. NBC Outreach is a service offering free head coverings, transportation, gas cards and support services to those suffering cancer-related treatments.

When Dellifield was notified of entry to the TCS NYC Marathon, he launched Send Cancer on a Run 2: All the Way to the Big Apple. The Dellifields have set a goal of raising 50,266 quarters – the number of persons who completed the 2013 NYC Marathon. The money raised will help to fund Dellifield’s costs to enter the race, travel costs, and to benefit Not By Choice Outreach. As of March 20, their collected quarters would cover 5,503 runners.
According to Dellifield, it was his wife’s idea to collect quarters. “This was all Jami --the brains behind our operation. She wanted a tangible representation of NYC for the folks of NBC.  She said, ‘Let's raise a quarter for NBC for every person who finished the race last year.’"

Asked what the NYC Marathon means for him, Dellifield said, “Last time the race was about my cancer; this time it is about taking the story of NBC and the small town people fighting cancer to the ‘big city.’”

His major support system – Jami and their children, Nora 12, and Ian 10 – will serve as volunteers on race day. They’ll work an eight-hour shift at Mile 17, providing water and encouragement to runners as they pass by.

Dellifield is seeking sponsors for each mile he runs; anyone donating 400 quarters can sponsor a mile. In turn, each sponsor will receive a t-shirt and the name of a loved one will be printed on the back of the shirt. He plans to run miles 1-13 in honor of someone fighting cancer, miles 14-25 in memory of those whose fight is complete. Mile 26 is in memory of Jami’s maternal grandmother and paternal grandparents, the final .2 will be in honor of Dellifield and in memory of his paternal grandfather.

Individuals, organizations, and businesses may sponsor Dellifield. The following levels are available:

Staten Island Level (200 quarters): Recognition at the April and September events.
Brooklyn Level (400 quarters): All benefits listed at prior level, plus cotton t-shirt, sponsor a mile in honor/in memory of cancer on the back of the shirt
Queens Level (1,000 quarters): All benefits listed at prior levels and media recognition
The Bronx Level (2,000 quarters): All benefits listed at prior levels, plus logo on shirt
Manhattan Level (4,000 quarters): All benefits listed at prior level plus framed certificate/photo

As a way for area residents to show their support, there will be a 3 mile Fun Run/Walk from 2-5 p.m. April 27 at Boy Scout Lake in Kenton. Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome. The entry fee is a minimum of one quarter per participant. Children’s games will begin at 4 p.m. Participants will receive 3 tickets for drawings throughout the event, and there will also be a 50/50 raffle.

Apparel including short and long-sleeved shirts and hooded sweatshirts are for sale and may be picked up at the Fun Run/Walk. Orders may be placed through Sport-Tees in Kenton by calling 419-675-0034 or through their website:

The organizers are also collecting raffle prizes from businesses/vendors. To donate a prize, contact Not By Choice Outreach at 419-673-9307 or Jami Dellifield at 419-634-0000 or [email protected].

Dellifield continues to be amazed by the support offered by family, friends, and even strangers. Asked whether donors mention their reasons for offering support, Dellifield says, “Some have by sponsoring a mile and some just because they want to see people who have cancer supported.  These quarters do not go to cancer research.  They go to people fighting cancer who need a wig, a gas card, incontinence supplies, nutrition, or assistance with a medical bill.  That's the beauty of NBC, their funds go to those directly who are fighting.  Other groups do great things for research, NBC does great things for individuals and families.”

For additional information about Send Cancer on a Run 2: All the Way to the Big Apple, as well as the April 27 Family Fun Run/Walk, see