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Letter: The library has helped my family learn, grow and explore

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The library is where my kids and I made our first friends. We moved to Ada when my oldest was 18 months old and baby #2 was due any day. The library had (and still does) story time during the day for my little ones to start meeting and interacting with new people. It gave them the opportunity to make crafts and have fun. It allowed me to enjoy their excitement without having to sweep glitter out of my carpet. A win win for all of us.

Here it is, a few years later, a few more kids (5 in total), and our love for the library has only grown. When I share with family and friends what we do over the summer; crafts, movies, exotic zoo, STEM activities, food creations, Toledo zoo, magicians, imagination station activities, science experiment, bingo, just to name a few, they get the deer in the head lights look. “How do you have the time and energy to do all that?!?” It’s easy, it all happens at the library for Summer Reading. Plus it’s free! I usually get the response that their library doesn’t offer anything like that. We consider ourselves blessed to have such an amazing library.

The atmosphere that has been created at the library is very friendly. The employees always have a smile on their face and willing to help. My children have been able to practice communication skills with those who work there. My kids can ask for help finding a book or certain genre, to telling everyone what we did over the weekend. The staff enjoys hearing about our crazy adventures as a family of 7.

My husband has used the activity room to hold Cub Scout meetings during the weekday evenings. I have attempted some crafts over the years with their die cut press. They also have computers for the young to play ABC mouse. Teen games/hang outs have also been a huge hit since we have become “of age”.

My daughter (age 5) thought the library opened at 6:30 in the morning because “they are always open”. I would truly hate to have to tell her they had to close early or not open at all on a certain day because they didn’t have the funds to keep their normal hours. The library has helped my family learn, grow and explore. Please support the library with your patronage. Please vote yes on the 2019 levy.

Racheal Klear