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Letter: Vote Jennifer and John for Ohio Supreme Court

Icon viewers: 
For non-lawyers, it can be hard to excited about the law. But I'm tremendously excited about two candidates for Ohio Supreme Court, on the ballot November 3.

These candidates are Judge Jennifer Brunner and Judge John O'Donnell (each running for a separate seat). They bring an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge to the important job of Ohio Supreme Court Justice.

Even more than that, they bring a sense of fairness, compassion, and concern
for the State of Ohio. I urge everyone to vote to Judge Brunner and Judge
O'Donnell (Jennifer and John) for Ohio Supreme Court.

Judge Brunner has a history in our area – her husband went to Ohio Northern –
and she recently visited Hardin County. She has served as Ohio Secretary of
State and understands government at every level. Judge O'Donnell has presided over more than 2,000 commercial cases and received a rating of "highly recommended" from the Ohio State Bar Association.

In the next few years, the Ohio Supreme Court will decide political districts
as well as civil cases that affect business and consumer interests. Jennifer
and John will look out for Ohioans -- cast your vote for them November 3!
Maya Fischhoff