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Letter to the Icon: Library response to pandemic

We have been loyal members of the library programs at the Ada Library for almost a decade. Each year we wait, with anticipation, for the annual summer reading program to begin with the inclusion of weekly programming, book challenges and numerous activities for children of all ages and adults.

In March of 2020, a time most of us will remember as the month the world launched into a global pandemic, I began my first term with the honor of becoming a Board Member for the Ada Public Library.

In fact, my first board meeting was the day Ohio shut down, including the Library. Not knowing what the future would hold, and yet knowing how important the Library services are, not only for children, but to the entire community, it was amazing to watch the director and his staff pivot, quickly, to provide access to Library materials in any way possible.

Mr. Rhett would hand deliver books to front porches, and his staff would come right to your car, fully masked, to drop off books, assist with faxes and anything a patron needed. They worked very hard to find balance in meeting the community needs and following the state mandates.

It was touching to see how hard they worked from both a patron and board member view. The library has a director and staff that will welcome you by name and greet you as if you are longtime friends, and soon, if you are not already, that is exactly what you will become with them.  They work tirelessly to guide us on our navigation in finding appropriate books, computer programs such as ABC Mouse and video programs as well. 

The library is truly a gem, a diamond for the Village of Ada!  I am grateful for the employees, the patrons and the friendships I have made by attending programs and the excellence it brings to my children’s lives. 

We are fortunate to have it – and I’m asking to please ‘Vote Yes’ for our Library in November at the polls!

Proud Ada Resident,
Ann Donnelly Hamilton