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Ada utility bills may be impacted by mail delays

On October 28, the Village of Ada announced that due to new service standards implemented in October by the United States Postal Service, some first-class mail may now take up to 5 days to deliver.

This may affect how quickly residents receive their Village utility bill each month and the receipt of payments mailed into the office.

To assure payments are received in a timely manner and to avoid late charges, residents may use the options listed below:

  • The Water & Sewer Dept. drop box located at the edge of the Railroad Depot parking lot.
  • Contact the Village Water & Sewer Dept. office for information on how to set up automatic payments to be drafted from your bank account on the 10th of each month.
  • Make payments online at:
  • Pay directly in the office or simply mail payments well in advance.

Payments must be received by the Water & Sewer Dept. by midnight on the 10th of each month, regardless of the USPS postmarked date, in order to avoid 5% in late charges.