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Summary of June 21 Village Council meeting

The Village of Ada council met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, June 21. All council members were present and Mayor Dave Retterer conducted the meeting.

The meeting began with approval of the minutes of the June 14 meeting and review and paying of bills, which can be found HERE on the village website.


The mayor gave the floor to Jeff Oestrich for a quick public service announcement about the June 26 Butterflies and Blooms garden tour in Ada and Kenton.

Mayor Retterer noted that he met with representatives from the Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen's Association, which would like to hold a 150th anniversary celebration in 2024 in Ada. He noted that once upon a time (in the 1970s) an association event got out of hand, but that he supports this proposal and that it could attract some 5-7,000 people.


There were no resolutions or ordinances on the agenda.


The council voted to meet in executive session to consider an employee heathcare proposal.

The council voted to meet in executive session to consider the purchase of properties with no action expected.


Personnel - Bob Simmons: Council approved the hiring of Logan Mattewson as CM 2 and the promotion of Timothy Parr to CM2.

There were no reports from Safety Services, Streets, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Utilities, 


Fiscal Officer - Michele Brunk on behalf of Patty Navin: New computers have been delivered.

Chief of Police - Michael Harnishfeger reported the following incidents among calls since the last council meeting: 

- Suicide attempt

- Disorderly and drunkeness arrests


- Intercepted 5-year old and 8-year old runaways (3 blocks from home)

- Property violoations including 2 junk cars

Harnishfeger noted that over the course of 20 years there has been an average of 100 property violation notices per year and that their affect has been substantial.

The mayor noted that once the village even received a notice for weeds that needed cutting.

Zoning - Michael Harnishfeger reported:

- 312 Liberty St. junk trailer is gone.

- Fencing for pools letter in packet will be discussed with zoning committee before it is brought to council.

Administrator - Jamie Hall reported:

- Still cleaning up from storm on June 14. Chipping and brush pickup may continue into next week. Residents should place material at the tree lawn.

- Three village employees attended Ohio RCAP training, learning about water leak detection, GIS, etc.

- Hall attended Ohio grant funding workshop.

- Work inside and outside water tower continues. 

Michelle Brunk reported on changes to evening swim at the municipal pool on Tuesdays. The event has been moved to 8:00-10:00 p.m. from the former midnight schedule. An officer will be on site.

On the evening of June 14, some 551 people attended midnight swim at the municipal pool. Two nearby pools didn't have power. Discussion indicated that there are currently rules for the minimum number of people to keep the pool open but not a maximum number allowed.

At 7:08 p.m. the council met in executive session.




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