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Summary of September 5 Ada council meeting

By Paula Scott

The September 5 regular meeting of the Village of Ada Council included discussions with Village Administrator Jamie Hall on council direction on Village procedures relating to sidewalk replacement and new sidewalk precision cutting repairs. Former police chief Michael Harnishfeger will be hired as a part-time officer.

Three resolutions related to an E. Highland Ave. improvement project impacting the street from Short St. to Industrial Ln. Hall explained that the paving and storm sewer project will include crosswalks due to increased pedestrian traffic. This is expected to be a $407K project plus engineering costs. An Ohio Jobs & Commerce grant and ODOT zero-percent loan program are expected to be used. Work is expected to begin in the spring.


POLICE - Chief Alec Cooper reported:

Just 10 incidents since the last council meeting and no vehicle accidents. Cooper noted that two cases are being investigated: one domestic violence and one burglary.

Council approved Cooper’s request to hire former Chief of Police Michael Harnishfeger as a part-time officer.


Council directed Jamie Hall to proceed with assessments for the Grandview Blvd. improvement project, which planned for assessments in 2024 and payments in 2025. Hall noted that the project is still under construction but is expected to be completed on schedule in October. 

Hall requested direction on sidewalk repairs due to damage caused by trees in the Village right of way. He explained that if a tree is removed, the Village assists with the sidewalk segment  impacted. If the tree is not removed, there is no financial incentive for property owners to repair the sidewalk. 

Council recommended creating an application for relief similar to the program used for water bills when a leak has occurred.

The discussion showed that it costs $850-$2,500 to take a tree down. The village forester determines if the tree causing the sidewalk damage has a long or short viability. It was noted that there are several instances in town where sidewalks take a detour around nothing because trees were later removed.

Hall also asked for council direction on precision cutting repairs to level sidewalk trip hazards. He has two quotes for about $8K to be used this year. Council approved his suggestion that the repair costs be shared 50-50 with property owners. The cost for a single repair is about $80.

Legal council Jane Napier requested an executive session to discuss pending litigation with no action anticipated. The session began at 7:38 p.m.