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​​Letter: APL is not your grandparents’ library

Letter to the editor from Preema D’Souza of Ada, Ohio.

Whenever I tell folks I work at a library, occasionally I get the response “Ohh but I am not a big reader.”

And I tell them that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone enjoys reading for fun.

Libraries have changed a lot today, with so much of our reading happening digitally. It is really difficult to find the time to sit with a book. Today libraries allow you to access ebooks and digital material from the comfort of your couch.

So, then what is the role of a public library in this day and age you ask. Well as someone who works in a library–let me tell you. The Ada Public Library is definitely NOT your grandparents’ library.

The Ada Public Library is so much more than books. For one – you will NOT find Anyone saying SHHHHH -- be quiet inside the library anymore. It’s a fun, vibrant and happening space. It’s one of the very few spaces in this country where you do not have to spend a dime and yet have a wonderful time. We have something to offer people of all ages.

Researchers are now telling us that shockingly, prolonged loneliness is as bad, or worse, for our health as being obese or smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day. So, the library is a place to come and talk to a friendly person. I promise you will walk out feeling so much better.

The Ada Public Library is truly a gathering place. We also host relaxing and rejuvenating yoga and Zumba and line dancing sessions. Come with a friend and enjoy a relaxing afternoon coloring or knitting at the library. Space and coloring books are provided.

For history buffs, the Ada Public Library is a place where the Ada Historic Society meets. Come and enrich yourself and enhance your knowledge by listening to experts! 

And what does it offer children? That’s mostly what we are about. We offer year-round Storytime for little children…. The summer reading program offers tons of programming and fun geared towards keeping your children engaged throughout the summer months. We love celebrating the holidays and always have fun activities for Christmas and Halloween for the whole family.

So, join me in supporting the heartbeat of our community and passing the Levy in November 2023.