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Fire convention will light up downtown Ada on June 14-15

By Paula Pyzik Scott

The Ada-Liberty Fire Department held a extensive discussion with the Village of Ada council during public comments at the January 16 regular meeting. Fire Chief Jay Eply, Andy Badertscher and Rick Huffer presented information about the Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen's Association (NOVFA) convention to be held on June 14-15.

Convention organizers expect some 4,000-6,000 people from 224 fire departments will come to Ada for the event. Some 120 campsites are planned for War Memorial Park.

The convention will host activities at Depot Park and at War Memorial Park, and will close Main Street on Friday evening for a Fire Truck Cruise Night and for a Saturday afternoon parade.

NOVFA is applying for a State of Ohio permit to serve beer at both locations. Council provided feedback on the proposed area where beer may be consumed, with councilors commenting that they preferred it be limited to public property and not cross the railroad tracks.

Council also requested that Cruise Night use of sirens end at 9:00 p.m. Sirens will be limited to downtown blocks on Main St. and “No Sirens” zones will be posted.

Some of the preliminary plans are below.


  • Registration 
  • Waterball Contest
  • Queens Contest registration
  • Cruise Night for Fire Trucks on Main and Johnson streets.
  • DJ, food trucks and beer tent in Depot Park parking lot
  • Concert and beer tent at southwest baseball diamond


  • Registration
  • Delegates registration
  • NOVFA Convention meeting
  • Past Presidents Luncheon
  • NOVFA parade at 1:30 p.m. 
  • Award presentation, Big Ticket raffle drawing
  • Band and beer tent at southwest baseball diamond