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Letter: Former Icon contributor on total eclipse excitement

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By Monty Siekerman

Northwest Ohio will have a total solar eclipse about 3:15 p.m., on  Monday, April 8. Plans are underway by task forces in large and small towns for an influx of people at that time.

Here in Florida we expect a totally cloudless sky on April 8 and most all April days. That’s why we are called the SUNSHINE STATE. We have an influx of visitors throughout the year. So many people now live in the cracker state that our governor gives illegal migrants free, one way rides to places like NYC.

Viewing stands are being built in Ohio for the afternoon eclipse. In Florida, 3:15 is nap time. I like it that way.

Special glasses will be distributed free in Ohio to watch the eclipse so that viewers don’t go blind.  In Florida we have what are called sunglasses, useable year around, priced from $1 to $300 and up, regular lenses or polarized, fancy or plain frames.

The North’s eclipse will last about two to two and a half minutes whereas our sunshine lasts and lasts. In fact, the St Pete newspaper used to be free on days when the sun didn’t shine, a rarity.

Am I ready to hop on a plane in April to see darkness? Nope, I’m in favor of a little nap time and then sunshine while relaxing at the beach. Now, where did I put those sunglasses?

Monty Siekerman of Lakeland, FL, formerly of Ada and Holgate, OH