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March 19 Ada Council overview

By Paula Pyzik Scott

The March 19 meeting of the Village of Ada Council included discussion of how tornado warning sirens are activated. It was also announced that Brightspeed will be building a fiber Internet system in Ada. The 44-page meeting packet is HERE


Council unanimously approved the 2024 street paving project (bids notice HERE ) and the third reading of a Special Purpose Flood Damage Reduction Ordinance.


Personnel Committee: Council discussed ongoing activity to apply established point factors for pay ranges. Council approved hiring 24 lifeguards and 24 cashiers for summer staffing of the community pool.

Village administrator Jamie Hall also confirmed with council that he may fill jobs without waiting for the next council meeting for approval. He related how a recently hired employee spent only one day on the job and that it was critical to offer the position to the next candidate promptly. Council will be notified when this occurs.

Streets: Council approved a request by Viva Maria, 125 S. Main St., to install a pickup window in the alley next to their building (memo on p. 18 of packet). Council also discussed the need to extend paving of Pebble Court.


Police Department: Summarizing department activity since the last council meeting, Chief Alec Cooper noted 64 calls for service, 10 incident reports, 2 vehicle accidents and an arrest for disorderly conduct.

Council approved hiring of Toby Watson as a part-time police officer. Officer Connor Frazier submitted his resignation to return to full-time employment.

Cooper spoke about the absence of tornado sirens in Ada on March 14. He explained that the police department does watch for tornadoes and can activate sirens, as does the National Weather Service. There was a tornado near SR 235 and US 30, but it was not considered likely to affect the village. He noted that no formal county-wide siren test exists. Cooper noted that several Ada officers patrolled Lakeview and fed people there.

Administration: Administrator Jamie Hall reported on work needed at the water plant to meet EPA guidelines. Council was notified that signs are being installed in nine locations to indicate that alleys off Main St. are one-way only. 

Hall reported that Brightspeed (which has purchased CenturyLink) will be building a fiber Internet system in the Village. This is expected to begin in mid April. The system will be underground in some neighborhoods.