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April 20 author visit at Our Garden of Gifts

Children's author Erin Hayden-Baldauf, PhD.  will be appearing on Saturday, April 20 at Our Garden of Gifts, 220 N. Main St, Ada from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Hayden-Baldaufwrites children's books for fun and education; she is from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  


The Sugar Squad Chronicles is a thrilling middle grade series that follows the adventures of Grayson and Ava as they navigate the challenges of living with diabetes.

In the first book, "Camp Adventures," Grayson and Ava attend a diabetes camp where they learn new skills and make lasting friendships while participating in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and learning how to cook healthy meals. The second half of the book sees Grayson applying what he learned at camp to tackle the challenges of the new school year.

As the series progresses, readers will follow Grayson and Ava on new adventures, each with unique settings and challenges to overcome. With alternating perspectives, readers will get to experience the story from both Grayson and Ava's viewpoints, as they discover their own strengths, face new obstacles, and form deep and lasting connections with one another.

Join Grayson and Ava as they discover what it truly means to be a champion, both on and off the field, in this exciting new series.