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Historical Ada

1990 district choir members from AHS

Ada High School musicians who were members of the district choir during the 1989-90 school year.

Front from left, Staci Robinson, Natasha Warner. Back from left, Beth Siekerman, Marshall Traster and Craig Ward.

Ada school board 1930

Here's the Ada school board of education in 1929-30.

From left, Henry Sleesman, C.B. Moore, clerk, J.F. Stambaugh, president, Cora D. Judkins, vice president, F.L. Berger and Earl Shadley.

Ada HS girls' Hi Y 1969-70

Members of Ada HS girls' Hi-Y 1969-70

Front from left, Karen Gilbert, Sharon Zimmerly, Leslie Stambaugh.

Second row from left, Karen Roth, Brooke West, Sandy Guider.

Third row from left, Cindi Allen, Cotta James, Karen Klingenberger.

Fourth row from left, Becky Brown, Debbie Moore, Kathy Smith.

Fifth row from left, Cathy Fisher, Pam Klingler, Vicki Zimmerly.

Top from left, Cathy Brown, Diana Deringer, Wendy. Schmidt.

Ada HS Hi-Y members 1969-70

Members of the Ada High School H-Yi during the 1969-70 school year. 

Back from left, Tally DePore, Dave Stoop, Greg Elwood, Doyle Long.

Fourth row from left, Dave Beltz, Gary Binkley, Craig Crouse.

Third row from left, Paul Baransy, Dan Houx, Russ Berger.

Second row from left, Dave Devier, Charlie Conklin, Bruce Jones.

Front row from left, Bruce Dunbar, John Bettinger, Lloyd Shadley.


J.R. Spar farm in 1953

This photo is from the 1953 Ada centennial souvenir program. It is a photograph from an advertisement for the J.R. Spar farm, producers and distributor of certified seed since 1935.

The "friendly acres" includes corn hybrids, wheat, oats, soybeans. The farm was located two miles east of Ada on Route 81 and one-half mile north (directions listed in the advertisement).

The phone number was Green 1590.

1993 Ada piano students of Ellen Sheldon

Here are piano students of Ellen Sheldon who played in a recital in 1993.

Front from left, Rachel Kindle, Erin Sheldon, Megan Gossman and Elizabeth Eisaman.

Center row from left, Corey Best, Tasha Gross, Charles Best and Sara Kindle.

Back row from left, Megan Good, Becky Gossman, Tina Allen, Jackie Gossman and Susan Beckley.