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Historical Ada

Down by the station, circa 1900

This familiar Ada scene tells many stories. The photo is from the Ada Public Library photo history collection. It's the Pennsylvania depot in the early 1900s and the photo was courtesy of Viince Reichert.

Note some things that have changed, in addtion to the obvious steam locomotive.

No longer exists:

The day a U.S. president visited Ada

William Howard Taft, 27th president of the United States, was invited to Ada, and accepted the invitation. The visit was during his term as president from 1909 to 1913.

This photo post card from the Ada Public Library shows the horse-drawn carriage with the president and Ada dignitaries upon his arrival in Ada at the Pennsylvania Railroad depot.

The flip side of the post card shows a message from Ada to Mr. J.J. Motter of Xenia.

Disciples Church at the turn of an earlier century

Here's a turn of an earlier century post card colorized photo the Ada Disciples of Christ Church on Main Street. The photo is from the collection at the Ada Public Library.

Compare the above photo with the appearace of the church today in the photo below.

Ada Main Street at mid-century

Here's a photo of Ada's Main Street looking north sometime in the late 1940s or very early 1950s. The truck parked southbound resembles a 1949 Cheverolt. There's even a "woodie" parked on the photographer's side of the street.

What else is in view? 
• Peper Drugs
• ODEON - was a a threatre?
• Check out the light poles and the condition of the sidewalks.

This photo is from the collection of the Ada Public Library.

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100 years ago in rural Ada

Here is a colorized post card from the Ada Public Library collection. On the back side it reads: "Oil wells were in the vicinity of County Road 20 and Tonwship Road 25." One was on the Stober farm in the 1920s.

Oil wells were also drilled in Orange Township and other rural sections around Ada and Bluffton. At the height of the oil boom there were 500 oil wells in rural Bluffton and Ada.

When driving on State Route 103 between Bluffton and Arlington, each time you see a brick farmhouse that is a sign that an oil well was drilled on that property.


Ada school board 1950

Members of the Ada school board in 1950.

Front from left, S.D. Peper, Rev. Lee Moore, vice-president; Earl  Huber, president; Dr. C.H. Freeman.

Standing from left, C.C. Roberson, Charles Hubbell, Dr. Floyd Elliot and Earl Detrick, clerk.