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Historical Ada

Liberty Bank in Ada at the turn of an early century

Here's a photo of Liberty Bank of Ada. The photo was taken sometime after 1902. It eventually merged with First National Bank and became Liberty National Bank. Here's a brief account of the two banks.

Liberty National Bank has a long Ada history. A new bank was organized and opened for business in Ada on Oct. 3, 1893. It was first chartered and organized as a state bank under Ohio laws and was known as the Ada Savings Bank.

Once upon a time on Ada's Main Street

Here's one of those "once upon a time on Ada's Main Street photos." Wouldn't you like to walk into this store and just see the products available.

We welcome viewer comments on this early Ada drug store storefront photo. Two names are written in hard-to-read handwriting near the bottom of the photo. The left side reads "Ben Conner." The right side reads ---eyman Conner.

Lowry's Grocery, sometime after 1912

You could find everything you want at Lowry's Grocery, 225 N. Main St., Ada, in this post card photo taken sometime after 1912. Count the stars on the U.S. flag at the rear of the store. It has 48 stars with Arizona being the 48th state that year.

Designed for shoppers to hand their grocery list to the clerk behind the counter, we see apples in a basket, cans stacked on the upper shelves and what appear to be boxes of cigars near the front entrance.

This was ONU's campus - pre 1970

Here's a pre-1970 aerial view of the Ohio Northern Univesity campus looking west as it anticipates a major expansion. It is from the Ada Public Library post card collection.

On the far left is College Avenue. On the far right is Lincoln Avenue and the railroad tracks.

Several additional buildings - and absence of buildings - gives clues to what in the works. Viewers comments are welcome.

Crouse Implement sold Oliver and New Idea farm equipment

Crouse Implement Store was located on State Rout 81, 2 1/2  miles east of Ada. This photo is from the 1953 Ada Centennial book.

The photo was in an advertisement for the business, which sold Oliver and New Idea farm equipment. The business started in 1931.

Remember the Ada Dairy on South Main?

What do you remember about the Ada Dairy? The business was located at 309 S. Main St., across the street and near 302 Carry-Out. A popular hangout for college and high school students, it offered ice cream "concoctions," from its fountain service.

It also sold pasteurized daily products including cottage cheese, milk and butter. In 1953 its phone number was 164, according to its advertisement in the Ada Community Centennial book.

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