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Letter to the Icon: Sean Beck

I am humbled and honored to have been elected as one of Ada’s next Village Councilors. Having the support of the village that I’ve called “home” for almost a decade means the world to me. I will do my best for all the wonderful people who live, work, and play in Ada. I fully intend to keep the promises that were laid out during my campaign. Ensuring that government activities are accessible, transparent, and engaging is incredibly important to me, and the people of Ada. 

Letter to the Icon: D'Arca is a stand-out candidate

In the Ada School Board race, Denise D'Arca is a stand-out candidate. D'Arca has the mix of personal qualities, professional experience and commitment that we need in this role. 

Letter to the Icon: Library response to pandemic

We have been loyal members of the library programs at the Ada Library for almost a decade. Each year we wait, with anticipation, for the annual summer reading program to begin with the inclusion of weekly programming, book challenges and numerous activities for children of all ages and adults.

In March of 2020, a time most of us will remember as the month the world launched into a global pandemic, I began my first term with the honor of becoming a Board Member for the Ada Public Library.

Letter: To the voters of Ada

To the Voters of Ada:

After listening to and reading messages from the school board candidates a couple things were very clear to me.  Almost none of them went straight to the source for their information. Only one could say that she regularly attended school board meetings, or spoke to the superintendent and the treasurer in one-on-one meetings about how things run on daily basis.    I spoke with that candidate and she expressed how both the superintendent and treasurer willingly answered her questions openly and honestly to the extent that they did not violate any privacy matters.

I can’t help but wonder...

Letter to the Icon: Treasure on Main Street

Letter to Ada Icon readers:

If you have a minute, I want to tell you about a treasure that is on Main Street in Ada, Ohio. That treasure is available to all residents, all ages, all incomes, all nationalities and races. This treasure is The Ada Public Library.