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Library renewal levy on November 2 ballot

The Ada Icon recieved the following letter from the Ada Public Library levy renewal committee:

Have you visited the Ada Public Library recently, followed it on Facebook, or used their user-friendly website? At the Library, you and your family have opportunities for free Wi-Fi, free computer usage, free notary service, voter registration, and excellent programs for babies through adults, including book discussions for tweens and adults. 

Letter of thanks to Veterans 5k sponsors

The Ada Icon received the following letter of thanks:

The Veterans’ Service Commission would like to thank the following sponsors who supported the 1st annual Hardin County Veterans 5K event:

Letter to the editor: Masking on school buses

Dear Icon Readers, 

Letter to editor: More protection in schools from the coronavirus

Dear Ada Icon,

Recently, parents of Ada school children were sent a message from school administrators about an uptick in positive Covid tests among Ada students. This message made it clear that the school system is taking precautions to make sure the schools are cleaned thoroughly, and to quarantine the students who have tested positive in their homes. Parents were also cautioned not to send their children to school if they show symptoms of COVID-19. All of this is so that other students do not become infected also. 

Letter: This is how I got scammed

But, I survived it

Icon viewers:
My name is Charles, and this is how I got scammed, but survived it. 

I was on my computer, using a web browser, and suddenly there came a flash across the screen, saying “This computer is blocked.” This window popped up claiming it was from Microsoft, and that I needed to call this phone number to unblock my computer. 

I couldn’t get it off my screen. I’m a realtor and I need my computer. So I called the number.

A man answered; he said his name was Samuel Lester and that he worked with Microsoft. He then read out his staff ID number.

Letter: Concerned about decision by school board on mask wearing

Ada Icon viewers: 

I am writing as an individual, and not as a representative of an organization or institution in Ada.

I am concerned about the recent decision by our school board to allow parents to choose whether or not to have their child wear a mask while at school during the last four days  of the school year.

This decision goes against CDC advice, and against the recommendations of the Ohio Department of Health. Governor Dewine wrote a letter to all school districts last week reminding them that the mask mandate in Ohio does not end until June 2nd, and that schools should remain masked through the end of the school year.