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Letter: School should open a second lane to drop off students

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I was hoping someone would publicly address the dropoff situation going on at the Ada school. It was a good idea, but wasn't researched enough. The school didn't take into consideration, that there were three lanes of vehicles dropping off students, in the front of the school.

Now, all lanes have been condensed into one long lane, with a minimum of an eight-minute wait to get students to their classes. The school just announced to students that tardiness, due to the dropoff restrictions will no longer be excused.

Letter: Vote Jennifer and John for Ohio Supreme Court

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For non-lawyers, it can be hard to excited about the law. But I'm tremendously excited about two candidates for Ohio Supreme Court, on the ballot November 3.

These candidates are Judge Jennifer Brunner and Judge John O'Donnell (each running for a separate seat). They bring an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge to the important job of Ohio Supreme Court Justice.

Even more than that, they bring a sense of fairness, compassion, and concern
for the State of Ohio. I urge everyone to vote to Judge Brunner and Judge
O'Donnell (Jennifer and John) for Ohio Supreme Court.

Letter: Sad and somewhat angered that Ada athletics have gotten to this point

What we are experiencing is a systemic issue that has to be addressed

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The news this week of the resignation of Coach White has prompted me to write this letter. I am sad and somewhat angered that Ada athletics have gotten to this point.  

My family, in one way or another, has been involved in Ada athletics since the late 1970s.  This has included myself, my siblings, my children, nieces and nephews and now my grandchildren. Our family has participated in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, softball, track, cheerleading and even a bit of coaching at Ada.  

So it is easy to see and say that we care a great deal about Ada athletics.

Letter: A big thank to all those who made summer a little more like a “normal” summer with the pool being open

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I just want to send out a big thank to all those who made summer a little more like a “normal” summer with the Ada swimming pool being open!

A big thank you to the Ada Village Council for having the courage to say “yes!” to having the pool open; knowing it was a big risk, knowing it was going to take a lot of work to get the pool ready, and knowing there was not much money to be made from this (if any).

A big thank you to the Village administration for all their work in preparing the pool. The entrance and exit set-up were both safe and smooth, following all the protocols necessary. Well designed!

Letter: Ada SAFE encourages masks in schools for first nine weeks

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Early reports seemed to show little incidence rates of COVID-19 among children, leading health officials to speculate that children were less likely to contract and spread the illness.

However, recent surges in cases around the country have revealed a clearer picture about how COVID-19 impacts children. The most current data shows that now, unlike the early months of the pandemic, there is adequate testing for all individuals, not just those who are older adults or those who are hospitalized.

In a report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics released on July 17, 2020, children represent 8% of all confirmed COVID-19 cases.  

Letter: Table One restaurant is now open for good eating

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Table One restaurant is now open for good eating.  We are now in our fifth
year of operation.  During the pandemic while we were closed down, we worked
to become fully certified by the local Health Department.  We have also been
a food distribution point for the West Ohio Food Bank.

The restaurant hours are 11:00 to 2:00 Tuesdays through Saturdays with an all
new menu.  However, we still have the famous T-1 burger and fries.  You can
check out our menu on our FaceBook – Table1ministries.  We hope to continue
or Thursday evening free community meal in the near future.