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Living in Ada

Snow emergency ordinance reminder

The Ada Police Department reminded residents of the following requirements during snow emergencies. Check out the APD Facebook page.

In preparation for the possible winter storm, we would like to remind citizens of the Village’s snow emergency ordinance, 351.21.

“During the existence of an emergency snow conditions, no person shall park a motor vehicle upon the following public streets in the Village, as follows:

No parking shall be permitted on:

Gilbert Street from Lima Avenue to North Street;

Johnson Street from Lima Avenue to North Street;

Simon Street Lima Avenue to North Street;

Lincoln Avenue from Corporation line to Corporation line;

Turner Avenue from Main Street to Grand Avenue;

Montford Avenue from Main Street to Liberty Street,

Highland Avenue from Gilbert Street to Simon Street,

Buckeye Avenue from Johnson Street to Grand Avenue and University Avenue from Main Street to Ream Street.

Grandview Boulevard project update from the village

The Village of Ada issued the following Grandview Boulevard Project Update on January 12:

“Contracts with Beaverdam Construction have been signed and the pre-construction meeting with the engineer(COE) and Contractor (Andy and Yvonne James) was held on 12.28.2022. Everything went well with the meeting and a soft project start date of mid February was discussed. Columbia gas will be relocating a few gas mains in the next couple of weeks. 

Reminder: Neighborhood Revitalization meeting January 14

Hardin County and the Village of Ada are planning to apply for a grant to make improvements in the community. The Village is holding a meeting to discuss residents' priorities for street and sidewalk work, and to discuss local resources for community projects. 

The meeting will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 14, 2023, in the Ada Railroad Depot, 110 Central Avenue, Ada, Ohio. For more information, please call the Village Hall at 419-634- 4045.

Since the last meeting, organizers have received information on what areas of the village are eligible to be included in the grant application.

Four of six census tracts in the village are income elibible.

The War Memorial Park is not within village limits and is therefore not eligible.

Wind chill and pipe freeze reminder

Got tenants? Or pipes that are prone to freezing?

Village Administrator Jamie Hall wants property owners in the village to be proactive about the cold, windy conditions expected in the next few days, December 23-25. 

Visit the Red Cross website at for tips on frozen pipes prevention.

ENDED: Boil Water Advisory for Highland Ave.

11:30 a.m. November 1 UPDATE - Boil water advisory has ended.

11:30 a.m. Oct 31 UPDATE - A second sample is currently out for testing. You can keep an eye on for updates. You can also sign up for email-text updates at

October 27 - BOIL WATER ALERT between Short and Simon streets issued by Village of Ada. 

BOIL WATER ALERT between Short and Simon streets

Due to a water main break today, October 27, and until further notice, the Village of Ada is issuing a drinking water boil advisory for the residences in the following area:

Between Short and Simon Street on the North and South side of the street.