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Lap swim hours and punch cards

The Village of Ada community pool, 426 S Park Dr., will be open 12:00-1:00 p.m. Monday-Friday for adult lap swim.

In 2023 pool management is using a punch card system: "You can purchase a lap swim punch card for $10, then a manager will mark off one day each time you come in until you fill your 10 swims."

For more information
Village of Ada Pool and Concessions on Facebook
[email protected]

Ada municipal pool opens May 27

Save on passes purchased before opening day; schedule rentals early

By Paula Scott

Ada’s municipal pool, 426 S Park Dr, will open on Saturday, May 27. That means this is the last week for discounted pool passes, which may be purchased at the Ada Water Department, 115 Buckeye Ave. The discount is $25 on family passes and $10 on single passes. Proof of tax payment must be presented to receive this discount.

Credit cards are accepted for these advance passes. Passes purchased at the pool are by cash or check only.

WANTED Students who planted Arbor Day trees in Ada

From the Village of Ada:

The Village of Ada Tree Commission seeks former third grade students from Ada Elementary School who received a tree as a part of Arbor Day celebrations.

Hanging Flower Baskets 101 with Connie

By Michelle Hall 

It’s time to brighten your view with the Village of Ada’s annual hanging flower baskets! These lovely hanging gardens bring architectural interest to the downtown landscape and they’ll be making their 2023 debut at the end of May.

To learn more about the baskets and some helpful tips on how to create your own blooming masterpiece, I spoke with groundskeeper Connie Ziegler, who tends to the Village’s Depot garden and maintains the 56 baskets on Main Street. The following are Connie’s recommendations to create your own beautiful hanging flower basket: 


Q. Are there benefits to planting all the same type of flowers in a basket?
A. As long as they all require the same care, you should be able to plant all of one type of flower. Don’t mix succulents with  water loving plants! Stick with one type of flower.

Q. What about a foliage-only basket? Can they be less difficult to care for?
A. They will still require constant care. For example, Boston Ferns require a lot of care. The best tip is to read the care instruction labels on plants you purchase.


Arbor Day celebrations in Ada: 42 and counting

The Village of Ada celebrated its 42nd annual Arbor Day with Ada Elementary 3rd graders on April 28.

For 42 years the Village has presented Ada Elementary 3rd graders with trees that they can plant at home with their parents. This year, students were presented with a River Birch seedling at the end of the presentation. Village administrator Jamie Hall and Tree Commission member Jim Neiswander provided the students with instructions on planting, digging and the placement of their seedlings. 

Municipal pool passes on sale April 1

Buy your Ada pool season passes before the pool opens on May 27 to save on a summer full of swimming and splashing. The early bird Ada Municipal Pool pass sale runs from April 1-May 27.

Early Bird Prices

• Single Pass: $55.00

• Family Pass: $190.00 (2 adults, 3 children)

* Up to 4 additional family members may be added to the family pass at $15.00/per family member.

• Lap Punch Card: 10 laps for $10.00 must be purchased in advance will not be available after May 26, 2023.

Prices after May 27

• Single Pass: $65.00

• Family Pass: $240.00 (2 adults, 3 children)

* Up to 4 additional family members may be added to the family pass at $20.00/per family member.