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Kiwanis Club will make donation to ReStore Beacon Fund

President Myrna McCurdy called the 9th meeting (November 27th) of the 2012–2013 Ada Kiwanis year to order at 12:00 noon at McIntosh Center, ONU.

The invocation was offered by Jon Umphress.

Allie Puntel and Katie Lorson, ONU Circle K were welcomed as guests.

In business:

New Ada Public Library Director "has a thing for books"

Amanda Bennett, Ada Public Library’s new director, says she’s read “To Kill A Mockingbird” so many times that she can’t count the number.

She also likes books written by Jane Austin and John Steinbeck, and poems by Walt Whitman. Her first-ever job was at age 10 as a volunteer in a library.

“I’ve always been comfortable with books,” she said. Sounds as if she’s found her niche as the new director of the Ada Public Library.

Nancy Armour winner of this week's Icon football contest

Nancy Armour is the winner of Week 4 of The Icon Football Contest. Nancy, Chris Conley and Jim Dillman each correctly picked 12 games this week. Chris was eliminated in tie-breaker 1 (picked Ohio State to win by 8 or more). Nancy and Jim picked the same tie-breakers. Since The Icon received Nancy's picks first she is declared the winner.

Other contestants:
11 correct - Dave Bracy, Duane Bollenbacher, John Clevidence, Kyle Gratz and Todd Fleharty.
10 correct - Brandon Huber, Mike Burris and Tater Hooker.
8 correct - Bill Edwards, Mark Sommers and Randy Stewart.

Scott Gerber tells Ada Kiwanis members about his latest book

President Myrna McCurdy called the 8th meeting (November 20th) of the 2012–2013 Ada Kiwanis year to order at 12:00 noon at McIntosh Center, ONU.

The invocation was offered by Jon Umphress.

Tom Kier announced that his favorite event, the annual Possum Drop in Brasstown, North Carolina has been cancelled for New Year’s Eve.

In business:
-The club heard an updated financial report from Treasurer Bryan Marshall.

-President McCurdy also announced that our meeting on December 11th 11 will be our Christmas Luncheon/Auction at the Community Health Professionals Building. Members were asked to bring items for the auction.

Duane Bollenbacher wins Icon football contest week 3

Duane Bollenbacher is the winner of Week 3 of The Icon Football Contest 2. He was declared the winner after Tie-Breaker #1 when he correctly picked Ohio State to win by 4-7 points. 

Other contestants:
13 points - John Clevidence.
11 points - Jim Dillman and Todd Fleharty.
10 points - Bill Edwards, Brandon Huber, Jay Wolber, Mike Burris, Nancy Armour and Rob Amstutz.
9 points - Adelyn Althaus, Kyle Gratz, Mark Sommers and Randy Stewart.
6 points - Joe Suter.
4 points - Renee Matthews.

Brandon Huber wins NFL/College contest week 2

Brandon Huber is the winner of the Icon Week 2 College NLF football contest, according to Corey Greer, contest judge.

Huber, Duane Bollenbacher and John Clevidence all picked 11 games correctly.  Bollenbacher was eliminated in Tie-Breaker 1 by picking Northwestern to lose 1-3 while the other two correctly picked Northwestern to lose 4-10.  In Tie-Breaker 2 Clevidence picked Cincinnati to lose by 11 or more while Huber picked the Bengals to win by 1-3 (closer to the actual win of 18 points).