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October 21, 2019

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with Kenny Wolke - he takes care of Ada's largest lawn, just for starters

Kenny Wolke's job has grown in acreage and usage since he became manager of War Memorial Park 18 years ago.

How many acres are involved in the park?
The park had 40 acres in 1996, now there are 68 acres.

What does your job entail?
Taking care of the equipment, buildings, and grounds, and scheduling the use of the various facilities. There is electrical, plumbing, mechanical work to do...a little bit of everything.

15 minute with Tom Gossel - not possible, but here's our attempt

The Icon caught up with Tom Gossel recently and our conversation when all over the board. Here's some of what we talked about.

Tell us about your background before joining the ONU faculty.
I earned the bachelor’s of pharmacy degree in 1963 from ONU. I worked five years in a community pharmacy, then began graduate work at Purdue University in 1968. I received my master’s in pharmacology/toxicology in 1970 and doctorate in 1972, both graduate degrees in pharmacology/toxicology and both from Purdue. I arrived in Ada the end of June, 1972.  My ONU contract started July 1, 1972.

Jane Moloney "just like family to us at Cole Motors"

This continues the series "15 Minutes with" featuring Jane Moloney who will retire May 1 after 40 years with Cole Motor Sales in Ada.

What changes have you seen in automobiles during the past four decades?
Cars today last longer, have better gas mileage, are more friendly to the environment, and are more comfortable.

What have your duties been at Cole Motors?
I assist customers when they pay their bills, do the daily bookkeeping and tax accounting, and answer phones.

15 minutes with Mister Boy Scout of Ada

Tom Lehman has been a leader in the Boy Scout program in Ada for 30 years, encouraging positive growth and leadership among our local youth as they prepare to meet the world. He is also the commander of the Ada American Legion Post.

When did the Ada Scout troop begin and when did you get involved?
The troop here was founded here in 1917. I came on board in 1985 because the pack leader at the time had just moved from Ada.

How many boys and young men have been involved in Scouting during your tenure?
Oh, I don't know, lots.

15 minutes with Mr. Concrete Canoe Advisor, sports timekeeper and lots more

Concrete canoe advisor, sports timekeeper, educator, and more....that's Bob Ward.

How did you get involved with concrete canoe competition?
An engineering society holds a competition each year. I have supported the concrete canoe team and have gone to most of our competitions since I came here. It has been wonderful seeing the team improve each year and has made it to the nationals several times in the past few years.

15 with Richard Gainey, Santa, and the WONB station manager - all rolled into one

Richard Gainey will retire from ONU this year, but his gig as Santa will continue, which is good news for all the good little boys and girls, adults, too. Richard wears many hats: Mr. WONB, Mr. Claus, Friend of Unloved Pets, and Budding Artist.

As founder and general manager of the campus radio station, in 1988, what changes have you observed?
The profession is constantly changing. For example, what used to be done on a 10-foot long piece of equipment, can now be accomplished on a laptop. Radio ownership is trending toward stations being nationally owned with regional management.