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October 25, 2020

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15 Minutes

These three ONU student come from Kosovo

They talk about their home, travels, and Ada experiences

Interviews by Elizaveta Dyachuk
This week we talked with three ONU law students from Kosovo. Those interviews follow.

VEROLINDA BERISHA - see her photo at bottom of story

Icon: Do you intend to continue your education with a master’s and beyond?
 Yes, after I am done with the studies here, I am planning on getting another master’s degree on Europe. My plans are to study international law.

Icon: How many languages do you speak?
I speak Albanian and English.

Hyo Jeong Joo: "Most Americans are so kind"

They smile and say hello all the time even if they are not really close to you

Interviewed by Liza Dyachuk
Your name:  Hyo Jeong Joo
English pronunciation: Jules
Your nationality: South Korean
Year at ONU: Sophomore
Major at ONU: English literature

Icon: How did you hear about ONU?
Hyo Jeong:
After I’d made a decision to study abroad, I was given the list of universities that I could choose from. I noticed that ONU had a lot of English major classes. I really wanted to improve my English and knew, as Ada is a very small village, there wouldn’t be a lot of Koreans, so I gave it a try. 

The Icon goes global as we launch a series on ONU international students

Americans always eat French fries and pizza?!

Welcome to a new Ada Icon feature. We call it "Hi! I am a foreigner." This feature includes interviews with Ohio Northern University international students. Icon intern, Elizaveta Dyachuk, a student from Russia, conducts the interviews. Our first feature follows:

Yuuki Okada
English pronunciation:Yuki
Your nationality: Japanese
Year at ONU:  Freshman
Major at ONU: Graphic design

15 minutes with Kendal Guagenti

February Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month wants to become a physical therapist

Kendal Guagenti, senior at Ada High School, is the February Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month. The Icon had an opportunity to talk with her recently. Here is a portion of that interview.

Icon: What’s your class schedule this year?
Psychology/sociology, economics/public speaking, physics, literature and film, pre-calculus and trigonometry,  computer apps/study hall, Art 4 and Spanish 4.

15 minutes with Logan Conrad

January Ada HS Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month

Logan Conrad, senior, is the January Ada HS Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month. The Icon took this opportunity to sit down with him and have a 15-minute interview, which follows:

Icon: How many years have you attended Ada?
Logan: I started here as a freshman.

Icon: What’s your class schedule?
Logan: Psychology/Sociology, economics, physics, study hall, CAD II, AP English 12, calculus, study hall.

Say, that guy in the red suit looks familiar

Could Santa Claus be former Ada resident Richard Gainey incognito?

While Santa Claus moves around, for 27 years he and Mrs. C lived in Ada. We caught up with him on Christmas Eve and posed these important questions to him. He is also known as Richard Gainey on the other 364 days of the year.

Icon: Where in Florida do you reside?
Santa Gainey:
 Fernandina Beach. When entering the State of Florida from Georgia we are the first two exits.