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October 21, 2019

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with two metal detectors in the Ada park

By Monty Siekerman

There's gold in them thar hills, or so Tom and Rene Harmon would hope. The Elida couple was seeing what they could find at War Memorial Park recently.

What have you found with the metal detectors?
Over the years, we've found some jewelry, old coins, a Boy Scout metal from Utah, a challenge metal from someone in the service, but mostly junk. Its a hobby, were not in it to make money. The rate of return per hour would be minimal. It's fun, you never know what you'll find

Matt Gossman ran for school board to become more involved in the community

By Monty Siekerman
Matt Gossman was elected a new member of the Ada school board last fall. He was sworn in the first of the year. We asked him to tell us about his background.

How long is your term? Have you previously been on the school board?
It is a 4 year term and this is my first term.

Tell me about your job and educational background.
I work for Marathon Pipe Line out of Lima.  I have an associates degree in manufacturing engineering.

15 with Alexandra, who spends summers in Bulgaria

What classes are taking this semester?
Personal Finance, Ceramics special projects, Spanish IV, General Chemistry at ONU and Calculus III at ONU, Advanced Prep English, Physics and Art IV. The two courses at ONU are post-secondary.

How many college credit hours do you have?
If you base it on Ohio Northern University, I have 40 credit hour, which would be make a second semester sophomore.

What other post-secondary classes have you taken at ONU?
When I was a sophomore I took Stats for Professionals. As a junior I took Calculus.

A third-period study hall interview with Tristan, Cole, Sidney, Luis and Jorge

15-minute interview with Tristan Waugh, Cole East, Sidney Faine, Luis Olvera and Jorge Reyes during third period study hall.

You are all seniors, what are your plans after high school?
Tristan: Probably will attend ONU or University of Toledo. I’m interested in mechanical engineering.
Cole: ONU, where I want to play soccer and major in physical therapy.
Sidney: I want to attend Defiance and play basketball.
Luis: I’m undecided, but want to go into business.
Jorge: I’m going to take a break from school and maybe attend later.

15 minutes with Morgan Sutton: sports injuries, a junior high detention, tee-peeing and more

15 minutes with Morgan Sutton – Ada High School senior

The Icon caught up with Morgan during her third period library helper time.

Tell us your class schedule.
I start out with Psychology, Algebra III, library study helper, English College Prep, Geology, study hall, Personal Finance and end the day with Physics.

What’s your favorite?
Probably English.

Next year’s plans?
I’d like to go to the University of Cincinnati and study nursing. I’m a people person and I’m interested in health care.

15 minutes with Tom Miller: "One team, one mission"

In an interview with Tom Miller, Chief of the Ada Liberty Ambulance District, we learned how many runs they make, how it is funded and organized, and how fully equipped it is to serve residents of the village and township.

How many runs do you make?
Nearly 600 annually.

Where do you get the money to operate?
Mostly by billing private insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid. There is an Ada/Liberty tax levy. We receive some gifts and grants. We get donations from ONU, and they work very well with us.