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"Play Hardball Against ALS" on April 20 in Ada

Did you know that 1 in 50,000 individuals is afflicted with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
(ALS), a non-curable (as of now) disease affecting the nervous system and
muscles. Amazingly, in this area the number is closer to 1 in 7,000!

Perhaps most people know of this disease by the name "Lou Gehrig's Disease", named after the famed New York Yankee baseball player.

Relating the baseball connection to ALS. A challenge is going out to set the
Ohio Athletic Conference Baseball Attendance record.

On April 20, the Ohio Northern University Polar Bears plays a home
double-header against Baldwin-Wallace. The Christian Pharmacy Fellowship
(CPFI) is working with "Play Hardball Against ALS (PHAALS)" to raise funds to support those with ALS and to support continued research.

Please try to stop out at the game(s). Sponsors are asking for a $1 donation.

April 20th (Saturday) 1 and 4 p.m., at ONU Wander Field home of the ONU baseball team.

During the 1 p.m. game, foul balls out of the field of play can be kept as a

Come on out and enjoy some baseball and help support PHAALS.