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Cindy Boehm message to students: "Don't ever give up"

Compiled by Darlene Bowers
Welcome to the Ada Icon’s “Ada Teacher Feature.” Here we share thoughts and insights from local teachers who lift up and inspire our students. Let us lift up and inspire these educators as well. Today we meet Cindy Boehm, second grade teacher, whose advice is “don’t ever give up.”  Cindy’s 29 years in the profession is a testament to that stamina, her spiritual foundation, and her joy in working with children.

Subjects and grades currently teaching.
I teach second grade all subjects. 

Extracurricular activities, groups, clubs, sports with which you are involved.
I am secretary of Music Boosters. At church I am involved in our bell choir and also sing in the praise team.  I have gone with the youth on our mission trip to Navajo Lutheran Church in Arizona five times.

Degrees earned and from which institutions.
I have a bachelor’s degree from Wright State University and a master’s degree from University of Dayton. I graduated from Ada High School. 

How long in teaching profession?
This is my 29th year. I have taught five years in the resource room and 24 years in second grade.

Why are you a teacher?
I have always enjoyed working with children. They are so fun and each day is always different. 

What motivates you?
I feel you should always be motivated to try new things.  I am always looking for ways to help me be a better teacher.

What’s the best advice you give students?
Don't ever give up.  If things don't work out, just try harder next time and keep going to see what the Lord has planned for you. 

What’s the best advice you can give parents/caregivers?
To help your child any way you can and enjoy the time you have with them because they grow up too fast.  Praise them and encourage them in all they do. 

What’s the best thing students can do for you?
The best things students can do for me is to always try their best and work hard in whatever they do. 

 What’s the best thing parents/caregivers can do for you?
For parents just support your child and make sure they are ready for each day.

What makes Ada schools unique or different?
The small community makes Ada a close community. I grew up in Ada and went to school here. It is great to know when something happens Ada comes together with support to help each other out. 

What's your best or most memorable teaching moment?
There are so many great moments that I have as a teacher. The best moment is seeing the eyes of a child when they understand a concept or achieve something that they are proud of. 

What excites, interests and captivates you inside the classroom?
It is exciting when my students learn something new and get excited. 

How about outside the classroom?
My family is very special to me and I love spending time with them. It is exciting to see how my children are growing up to be great adults that are caring and helpful to others. 

Best advice for students who are graduating from high school soon?
My advice is to never give up and to keep God first in all you do. 

If you weren’t a teacher what would you do/be doing?
I am not sure what I would have done, probably work with children in some way.