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A “YES" vote on library levy signals Ada's strong commitment to the future

I moved to Ada approximately 3 years ago along with my husband, who found a faculty position at Ohio Northern University (ONU).  One of the many concerns I had moving to Ada was whether my then  6 year old son could find adequate resources for intellectual stimulation. 

I was dreading the long drives to Columbus or Toledo to check out Museums or other fun activities for kids. As I looked around for community resources for my son, I found the Ada Public library (APL).  The warm smiles of the library staff and their genuine passion for their work calmed my fears and made me felt welcome in this beautiful Ada village. I kept coming back to the library all the time even if it was on the pretext of having a chat about local Ada history or the weather in Midwest Ohio.

My first summer in Ada was an eye opener. It showed me what two individuals with passion and dedication could achieve even in a small town like Ada. My son thoroughly enjoyed his first summer reading program. Basically, our Librarians had brought the best of Ohio right here to Ada. Every year since, the summer reading program and other summer activities have only improved. 

I always assumed the first time I would see a functioning 3D printer would be in a fancy laboratory or a museum in a big city. Little did I think that it would be at the APL thanks to the grants our beloved librarians had managed to secure for our library program.  The fact that we have a Technology  Wizard at our library willing to teach and answer any computer related questions to any one from the community at no cost at all is heartening to someone like me who is  technologically challenged.

Apart from just borrowing books, the APL organizes many fun activities. For example during Halloween, APL has a fun Halloween party. During Christmas, APL has several activities like gingerbread house making and a visit from Santa for the kids. I have truly bonded with my son over Legos at the Lego club and watched several magic and bird shows. These are examples of just some of the activities organized by APL.

I understand that all this costs money…But what a great way this is to invest our money locally for our kids who are the future of our very own community. This Renewal Tax Levy does no more than just continue what we already have been doing so far. Neither proposing new taxes nor increasing anything. It’s a levy that will surely assist the APL in maintain their existing activities and maybe even enhance their offerings for our kids.  

So let’s get together and pass this levy for that little Redbrick house on Main street that is the heartbeat and the future of not just my son, but of all the children of Ada. A  YES vote on the levy will signal a strong commitment of our Ada village to the future.  So let’s come together and get this passed.  A community that stands together grows together.

Preema D'Souza